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Alchemical Tarotstrology

5-Card Tarot reading, using natal chart for deeper digging.

  • 1 hour
  • $111
  • Location 1

Service Description

This is an extensive, deep and challenging session where we utilize the cards in tandem with your personal astrological information to ignite some serious inner alchemy for you. Come seeking answers and you may leave with more questions. Come ready for some hard truths and you may leave a different person....more you! I am here to help you be as honest with yourself as possible and we utilize these sacred resources to strip away that which obscures truth. The combination of Tarot and Astrology can help create that tipping point of transformation where you can commune with yourself in the alchemical bath of truth. I believe in you! But I will also ask you hard questions...and probably give you some homework. More details about the structure of the session: We pull 5 cards that reveal different faces of your current life situation. I'll also have your astrological chart pulled up as well so that I can cross reference the cards with your chart. By pulling in both general elemental correspondences as well as the specific astrological associations that go with each Tarot card we expand and deepen the field of how to understand your life circumstance. We get insight, history, patterns as well as questions and even suggestions (usually your "homework" will be suggested by the cards/your chart, not just my whims). IMPORTANT: you'll have to send me your birth info before our session, that includes month, day, year, time and location...I've had people send me their birth weight and length which is hilarious but unnecessary

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