Artist and mystic Gina Mauro presents her third published collective medicine offering. This coloring book includes 34 original spirals drawn while in prayer and petition to The All-There-Is for the wellbeing and healing of all sentient creatures. Join her in this intimate and imperfect meditation for global healing.

Spirals are potent portals that help us enter a time and space where nothing is linear. When we engage the process of drawing or coloring a spiral we are honoring the deep math of Mother Nature as she emerges in patterns micro and macro. One of my favorite manifestations of the spiral patterning of the quantum universe is...SPIRALIC TIME. Here we have the opportunity to drop out of our conscious linear mind and its attachments to the rigid constructs of the hours of the day, the days of the week, the calendar year and we get to tickle a primal corner of our unconscious minds who knows that we exist in constantly repeating and expanding experiences. When we get in the coloring zone of meditating we can go into beta and theta waves that amplify the heart’s gnosis of spiralic time (the heart is the most powerful electromagnetic forcefield and amplifier in our bodies). Not only that, but our unconscious mind (the second most powerful electromagnetic forcefield and amplifier in our bodies) becomes malleable to expand beyond that which we have been taught about time, space, the soul and art.

From the Artist: "I love drawing spir