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Sigils are a divine and mystical technology of transforming verbal prayers and spells into visual imagery. While the process of drawing the original sigil is birthed from the very word or phrase of intention itself, once we get to the point of drawing the lines or coloring them in, we begin amplifying that vibrational message for the whole world. We do so by getting into the zone of meditating through drawing and/coloring, and thus switching off our conscious minds and dropping into our hearts (the most powerful electromagnetic forcefield and amplifier in our bodies) and our unconscious minds (the second most powerful electromagnetic forcefield and amplifier in our bodies).

From the Artist: "I love drawing sigils. There are few other comparably powerful ways to drop into the heart of a prayer or spells vibrational essence. I share these ones with you not only to collaborate on healing the world, but to do so by soothing and opening our own hearts. My lines are hand-drawn and only lightly digitally edited for optimal coloring. Like Nature Herself, you'll find no straight lines here and I invite you to get as wild as you like with your coloring! Thank you for joining me."

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