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Welcome welcome and something New Year!

Well, it's the last day of the year and in anticipation of shifting my Daily Medicine Card email newsletter to a new(ish) theme (Tarot and Astrology) and format (here on my blog rather than email - though there will still be a weekly Tarot email) I've decided to do a few things.

Firstly I want to get all the emails from this year up onto the blog. I think it'll be a great tool for reflection and insight to be able to look back on the last 4 months of 2020 (we started the newsletter at the very end of August). I've felt really powerfully that this year is not one to be easily recapped, synthesized, processed and assimilated in any fashion that we have used in the past. Because of that, a lot of people are struggling right now in attempting to make sense of what has just transpired and conjure visionary hope for the upcoming year. It's not that we can't make sense of 2020, and it's not that we can't approach 2021 with renewed vigor and vision. We can. But we need to take a radically different path to doing so. The internal path.

I know I annoy the crap out of people when I say this, but its true, so:

The only way out is through.

The only way through is in.

Then only way in is down.

I really want to help people not be afraid to go in and down. Some call this shadow work, or shadow integration. It's really important and it's one of the most powerful things we can actually do as individuals to take responsibility for the state of the world. Just because it can be kind of scary sometimes, doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. We all have to find the tools to do so that resonate with us. If a tool isn't resonant, it's not going to unlock the door to allow us to go in and down. I primarily utilize the Tarot, medicine and oracle cards, astrology, various modalities of meditation, near constant prayer, acupuncture, plant spirit medicine and the study of various sciences, especially quantum physics.

So, as hindsight is 2020, I want to provide people with a resource not to recap the literal external occurrences of the year (which I do not discuss at all in these newsletters, we can all get that news elsewhere with ease) but to dive deep inside themselves to process the soul journey of this year. Please enjoy reading back through these posts, and please afford yourself as much grace as possible in doing so. If you keep a calendar or a journal, I would recommend going back through that in a side-by-side fashion with these posts. See what portals can pop open through that combination.

I also have to say that I am not of the camp who ascribes to the idea that this year was particularly awful (it was) and that things will change with the turn of the calendar (they won't). The thing is, is that we cannot blame anything on a year. While I fully embrace the #fuck2020 hashtag, because, um #fuck2020, it's not because I think 2021 will be any "better" or easier. I promise I am not saying this in any sort of nihilistic fashion. In fact, just because the deluge of horrors will continue (probably for a few years in terms of covid and the rest of human existence in terms of the climate crisis and certain humans, especially ones in power, being just plain awful) does not mean that we should give up on fortifying our spirits and rearranging the way we see things. Quite the opposite. We must fortify our spirits and we must radically change the way we look at...everything. We can start off with taking as full personal responsibility as possible for our life experience and stop putting the onus of how we feel onto externalized entities like other people or a calendar year.

In closing before I start posting all the newsletters, I do not use mystical resources to predict the future. I do not use mystical resources to tell you that you are either cursed, doomed or blessed in any way. I use mystical resources as a tool to challenge ourselves into opening our souls to the deepest possible truths of existence through the vessels which are our very own lives and bodies. The the portal you were given at birth is your soul. The key you were given at birth is your body. Nobody else's. For this reason I try to include a lot of prompts and questions in my newsletters, so that you can challenge yourself to disengage from cultural paradigms and engage with the deep truths that your body knows. I also encourage you to learn to think metaphorically about almost everything.

In magic and medicine, yours truly

Gina, The B!tchy Mystic

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