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Venus Implores Us

Exactly one week from our initiatory 2021, New Years Day reading, the 9 of Cups visits us again. I receive this card today as a Venusian analog, urging us to deepen our understanding of her. Since we studied the 9 of Cups’ home-base astrological placement , Jupiter in Pisces, as well as the current placement of Jupiter semisquare the 2nd decan Pisces (an aspect which will hold true for a number of weeks to come) in our January 1st reading let’s focus on some potential expanded messages.

I read our 9 of Cups today as directing us to:

- a general bit of getting in touch with Venus and her themes

- a clarification/expansion card, the 10 of Pentacles - Mercury in Virgo and today’s placement of Mercury sesquisquare (132 degrees from) Virgo.

- The recent transit of Venus (water/cups) into Capricorn (earth/pentacles) earlier this morning

When a powerful, beautiful woman who carries the magical manifestation messages of water element shows up on a Friday, especially two fridays in a row, it’s a call to listen to our deep inner Venusian desires. As the 9 of Cups is also sometimes seen as a younger initiate version of the High Priestess, I think it’s fair to also let ourselves see her as Venus herself today. We could also see her as a messenger of Venus telling us to tune into the Venus archetype within ourselves. Urges towards deep interpersonal relating, attracting some luxuries, generally harmonizing energies, beautifying your personal space and straight up knowing what you want may be percolating today. Maybe they always percolate for you on a Friday, but do they feel stronger today?

Venus showing up today tells us that it is totally natural, okay and important to feel the tug of deep comfort and joy that we maybe haven’t been feeling too much in these heavy times. Magic, romance, friendship, admirers, collaborators, art, music, dance, sensuality, and really just anything that feels good. Especially when those things let you settle and revel in your feminine aspect (applicable to all genders). Much of this is simply the desire to nurture and be nurtured in a playful and beautiful way. We all deserve that. Right now I deeply witness the collective unconscious rejection of allowing ourselves unbridled gratification of the senses. To indulge the body, to be glamorous, hedonistc, erotic, cozy and comforting is a medicine unto itself.

The Ten of Pentacles is one of the many cards in this suit who reminds us that true wealth is something far and beyond tangible money. Though it also tells us to not be too hard on ourselves for wanting and needing money. Mercury in Virgo especially reminds us that the soul’s currency comes in the form of happy relationships with friends and family, healthy boundaries, a comfortable home (organized and efficient of course but with a nod to Venus’s desire for beauty as well). The 10 of Pentacles is often called the “Lord of Wealth” and we see in our card’s illustration today a lush and caring family. Lettie Jane even includes maintaining the traditional imagery of 2 dogs - caring for pets is a daily duty and responsibility whose returns of unconditional love come back to us manyfold. This card and its corresponding astrological home-base placement remind us that enjoying the fruits of physical existence is part of the essential spiritual practice of honoring life as incarnated in a human body. Physical existence is our dharma and we can celebrate it in many ways through the fullness and richness of a life well lived.

This card also champions our spiritual and emotional quest to succeed in both business and family dynamics when we may find ourselves struggling to recognize and respect each other’s differences. This brings me to our aspect for the day, Mercury sesquisquare Virgo. When astrological forces find themselves to be between 132 and 138 degrees from each other, this is a powerful and wily minor aspect called the sesquisquare. We may be coming up against some tension and challenge today that is asking us to work and learn outside the bounds of any of our usual personal stubborn nature. Even if you’re not a natal Taurus, you have some innate themes of stubbornness! If you can unveil them, you might be more likely to party with Venus!

Where a straight square (90 degrees) would be a relatively apparent challenge, the sesquisquare is much less obvious and thus easier to suppress. In conjunction with the 10 of Pentacles, this may make it more difficult to unlock some of the deep richness within your relationships and even your job potential, especially if you are ruled by Mercury (natal Geminis and Virgos) or have a Mercurial job (communication based). The sesquisquare tends to indicate a smouldering conflict that one would prefer to ignore and probably has spent a great time ignoring. Continuing to ignore the deeper issues and attending only to the superficial would leave any relief quite short-lived. How does this apply to your multigenerational familial relationship? Your job?

Let’s wrap up by talking a little about Venus in Capricorn and what that means within the lens of what we’ve explored so far. Most simply put, Venusian realm of relationships, love, beauty and empathy is now linked together with and engaged in mutually enhancing the energies of the Capricornian realm of family, history, dreams, traditions and problem solving. What would your life look like if these forces were in complete harmony and strength? In their current 9th house placement, Venus in Capricorn reminds us to:

  • Cherish our goals as if they came to us from the divine.

  • Allow ourselves to enjoy the philosophies by which we have chosen to live our daily lives. Maybe we sometimes forget that we have spent our entire lives cultivating a code of spiritual conduct for by which to live, this is the divine in action within ourselves and thus a means through which to fall into the comforting pile of pillows which is Spirit.

  • Charm, art and beauty are your best paths to making a big difference in someone's life today. Maybe it’s even just your own life! Either way, indulge!!!

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For this year’s weekday collective card draw column, we use Lettie Jane Rennenkamp’s Many Queens Tarot.

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