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The Empress - Dance With Your Earthly Riches

“Luscious softness is in your air tonight, dance with your earthly riches and let yourself be. Are you withholding from your garden or the Earth? Remember the ebb and flow of natural energy.”

- Lettie Jane Rennenkamp The Many Queens Tarot

Invocation Sigil - Affection and Joy

It feels appropriate to start today’s post with our collective calling-in of the blessings which The Empress/Venus bestow upon us. This timeless archetype and her alogues such as Aphrodite and Freya are always walking alongside us with mercy and grace that we may ever remember the fuels which feed the nourishing womb-fire of creativity: love, beauty, ease, comfort, affection, enjoyment, art, romance, graciousness, kindness, gentleness, sympathy, empathy and sharing.

Astro-Glyph Sigil - Venus in Capricorn Quadranovile Full Moon in Leo

Any expression of the novile aspect refers to that which bears the fruit from the tree which is our very own selves. This aspect reveals the part of our future we are headed towards in regard to what we are producing and what we are becoming. With today’s incredibly powerful full Moon in Leo, we graciously receive the offering of Fire and Water together to plant the seed of that which we want to create and become.

Build Your Intuition With The Tarot

If you’ve enjoyed today’s column, I invite you to join my weekly email group where we practice the mystical art of scrying with Maria DiStefano’s Circle of Life Tarot to improve our psychic senses and deepen our relationship to the Tarot. You can also get email notifications for this very weekday Tarot-Astrology collective readings posts that you’ve just read. Last but certainly not least, we use Lettie Jane Rennenkamp’s Many Queens Tarot for all of our weekday readings this year which is the source of the beautiful images in these posts. If you enjoy the sigils, you can purchase my sigil coloring book "Collaborative Magic" and join the coloring book coven in amplifying universal healing.

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