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Temperance - No End to The Alchemy

What a blessing of a card to receive for my first collective reading back after a week-long break, where I’ve also decided to more permanently shift this blog to a Monday Blessing rather than a Daily Blessing as I have some big exciting projects in the works that I cannot wait to share!

Temperance is giving me the affirmative nod that balance in one realm can often be found only after we harmonize many aspects of our lives.

Let us receive our Temperance blessing from our deck’s artist and author Lettie Jane Rennenkamp before we dive into astrology, sigils and prompts for today’s card. “Just dip your toe in to see how it feels. Mixing elements from all areas of your life puts you in peace and balance. Have you been making rash decisions? Over-indulging or going to extremes? Let these habits die back and find balance in harmonizing different pieces of your life together.”

Sagittarius - Straddle The Divide Between Two Worlds

As do all Major Arcana cards, the astrological correspondence for Temperance is simply an entire zodiac sign. Here, Sagittarius, the archer, traveler, philosopher.

Here are some prompts to help you embody the essence of our Temperance card and her homebase in Sagittarius.

  1. What disparate elements are you blending in the hopes of an alchemical change?

  2. For you, is the adventure of discovery truly more fulfilling than any final result?

  3. Who is the most wily creature inside you? The restless adventurer? The offbeat philosopher?

  4. What would your life look like if you were only surrounded by honest and visionary companions? Can you travel to a place in your mind’s eye where everyone you already know allows their internal honest visionary to be a primary archetype?

  5. When you draw back your bow and cast your arrow flying across the landscape, where does it go? When you run to go find where it has landed, what scene do you happen upon? What reality do you step into?

Jupiter in Aquarius - Sextile and Quintile Aspects with Sagittarius

Our astro-glyph and invocation sigil today will be based primarily on Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter’s current placement at 13 degrees Aquarius, makes his relationship with the entire sign of Sagittarius span from 50 to 80 degrees (every sign rules a 30 degree slice of the zodiac wheel). The most important aspects within that 30 degree range are the major aspect of the sextile and the minor aspect of the quintile.

Where the sextile tells us that our long-awaited period of expansion in world-changing collaboration in the form of birthing previous idealism into reality via the power of community (Jupiter in Aquarius) is at a moment of cooperation with the spritely and encouraging fires of curiosity, honesty, exploration and playfulness - Sagittarius gives us further space to feel safe in exploring the unfamiliar. However, the downfall of the sextile aspect is that it doesn’t foster any sense of urgency, this is great in some ways because it allows for expansion without too much stress, but sometimes it allows just enough slack for us to lose momentum. Here we invoke the power of the quintile in our sigil to harness and amplify the momentum we feel percolating around our creative endeavors, our scientific experiments, our demonstrations of personal power.

Astro-Glyph and Invocation Sigil

Jupiter in Aquarius Sextile Sagittarius

Jupiter in Aquarius Quintile Sagittarius

Harness Creativity

Support Community

Amplify Collaboration

Build Your Intuition With The Tarot

If you’ve enjoyed today’s column, I invite you to join my weekly email group where we practice the mystical art of scrying with Maria DiStefano’s Circle of Life Tarot to improve our psychic senses and deepen our relationship to the Tarot. You can also get email notifications for this very weekly Monday Blessing Blog that you’ve just read. Last but certainly not least, we use Lettie Jane Rennenkamp’s Many Queens Tarot for all of our weekday readings this year which is the source of the beautiful images in these posts. If you enjoy the sigils, you can purchase my sigil coloring book "Collaborative Magic" and join the coloring book coven in amplifying universal healing.

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