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Shielded in Shadows and Obscurity

The Seven of Swords is a hugely complex card. I implore all readers to receive today’s column through as many lenses as possible. I believe that the power of the Tarot and all other tools for reflection, insight and growth, are best approached and accessed with an open heart and objective mind. In scenarios where we could easily fall into a hard-line black-and-white narrative of what the card is trying to tell us, it is even more important to check in with personal correlations as well as all sides of potential collective correlations. I feel quite committed to not discussing the news in these columns as it is each individual’s job to interpret these messages in tandem with their own understanding of and feelings about current events. The Tarot can guide us to the truth via digging deep inside ourselves - we do not exist as individuals in any state of being that could be separated from the whole.

******* explanation of format *******

While a huge part of our daily dive into the cards is day-specific (I say a brief prayer and invocation before pulling a card for the collective and we explore the card’s astrological correspondence to this specific day) there is always much to be learned about the card itself and its home-base astrological placement on any day through reading this column.

We take a three-pronged approach to each daily card draw.

  1. We will learn about the card itself

  2. We will learn about it’s astrological home-base and why we may be directed to tune into that placement within ourselves today

  3. We will calculate where the home planet and sign are today and figure out their angle/aspect and what it indicates. If it isn’t obvious from the daily astrological chart, I will literally use a protractor to determine the angle.

******* reading starts here *******

  1. 7 of Swords - Does this card depict a thief in the night? Or are they the rightful owner of the swords, reclaiming their own property? Are they an unwelcome opponent, collecting weapons to weaken, intimidate or humiliate opposition? Or even a commander, testing the readiness of their troops? This card can be just as much a brave warrior daring to face their darkest fears for the sake of those they love as it could be an untrustworthy associate bent on revenge.

  2. Moon in third decan Aquarius - Lord of Unstable Effort - When we see the Moon in Aquarius (either in the actual sky or in the cards) we may feel the deep stirrings of primal fear as we struggle to make sense of mystery and deception. Though Aquarius is the sign of social groups and causes, often its energy moves forward with great force but without the necessary depth of reflection. This can lead to the power of Uranus (ruler of Aquarius (and also presently trine Aquarius) pushing rebellion and insurrection simply for the sake of terror rather than rightful revolution.

  3. Moon Trine (120 degrees from) third decan Aquarius - This major aspect indicates that our inward sense of self, emotions and psyche have the opportunity today to harmonize with the energies of community, ingenuity, collaboration and idealism. It is time to honor the philosophy of love and the power of community. Let us be present with the shifting world of shadows and obscurity and be aligned with the difficult process of establishing a new reality- we can only do this together with the power of love, harmony and faith, rather than allowing a dream to die (which is also a possible interpretation of the 7 of Swords).

For this year’s weekday collective card draw column, we use Lettie Jane Rennenkamp’s Many Queens Tarot.

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