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Saturday Scry - The Death Card

The new year continues to be a wild ride in terms of the messages we are receiving from the ether and from our guides. If you have been reading the weekday blog on this page, you may be attuned to the fact that we are being consistently directed towards awaking to deeper and deeper levels of the life-death-rebirth cycle as it appears in every corner of existence. For a deeper dive into this as it shows up archetypally inside you, I recommend reading Women Who Run WIth The Wolves.

I would also like to welcome all our new scryers to the Saturday Scry Email Coven! Welcome!

Welcome welcome welcome to the depths of the Tarot and your own psychic psyche (aka the part that they don’t tell you in the Tarot guidebooks!). Please do not hesitate to email me personally with any questions, or pose them to the group in the comments section below. The google group is now closed and the comments section of this blog is where we can all unabashedly share our scryings and engage some community conversation. When we stir the cauldron of collective consciousness, we all become wiser. So, consider it a service, remember that the answers are inside you.

Quick scrying tips for our seasoned practitioners here and our newbies...we stare deeply into the card and repeatedly relax our mind, eyes, face and body in order to drop the logic and invite in the wisdom. If you find yourself trying to see something or trying to understand something about the imagery in the card, just tell your brain to take a nap. You can even stare at the card for a while and then close your eyes for a while.

For example, I scryed today’s card in bed while listening to some transformative chanting by the Dalai Lama reminding me that the life-death-rebirth cycle is really all we’ve got and we can just ditch attachment to whatever we think about the physical facts of reality. I would stare for a while and then just kind of doze off and get some messages.

So without any further ado, here is our Death card from Maria DiStefano’s Circle of Life Tarot!

Please set your timer for 13 minutes and do your scry before reading mine or the card interpretation.

My Scry

I immediately was struck, as if for the first time, by the snake encircling our main figure. So clear - the inescapability of the circle of life. The lack of choice we have in perpetually shedding our skin and being born anew in every moment. I then gravitated almost to the eyes of this Mother and spent most of my time just staring into her soul. I first thought “you are so young” but then she told me that she is ageless, as we all are. I eventually drifted upwards and saw far beyond the landscape of the Moon-illuminated mountain slopes - they revealed themselves as both the dangerous horns of the nurturing and sensually caring sign of Taurus and the towers represented in the traditional imagery of the Moon card who remind us that absolutely nothing is as it seems.

Traditional Tarot Messages

Readers often have to immediately remind their students or clients that there is nothing bad, scary or doom-filled about this card. It is not a negative card and it does not mean that you or someone you love is about to die. It is a card of blessing reminding us that we can let-go and re-start anytime, but it also often shows up at the end of a chapter in one’s personal life. So if you receive this card at a time when you feel like you are winding down some certain endeavor, consider it the steward who will walk beside you with mercy and grace as you tie up loose ends and put an old project in the ground. We remember also that it is death which fertilizes the earth and allows new seeds to grow.

Ok! Thank you guys so much for tuning in! Drop your scry findings in the comments section below!!!

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