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Saturday Scry - Page of Pentacles

Saturday Blessings,

I hope this morning finds you well and eager to scry! Our card today is the Page of Pentacles from Maria DiStefano’s Circle of Life Tarot...and I think they've got quite a lot to say.

Firstly, welcome all new friends and welcome back seasoned practitioners! This is an all-levels party!

We join together here on Saturdays to turn off our logic brains and turn on our psychic intuitive wisdom brains. We practice with this particularly gorgeous Tarot deck so that the imagery can sweep us away into a landscape beyond our norm, and even beyond obvious depictions in the card itself.

I believe that we can only learn so much about the Tarot from studying and reading, this system is just too immense to be contained in that part of our brains.

I believe that most of the deep messages that these cards carry is knowledge that we already carry inside of ourselves.

So let’s unlock it. Be sure to do your own scry before reading mine or the traditional meaning write-up.

Set your timers for 11 minutes, take off your glasses, get comfy, basically pretend that you’re about to take a nap with this card...staring deep into the details, relaxing your eyes and mind as needed, letting go of figuring it out by refocusing sensory awareness on your breath or your body in general any time your active brain starts trying to tell you what this card is about...

My Scry

The green. It’s all about the green. This emerald island in the midst of a cold and vacuous sky-scape. The heart chakra’s power as the center in a wildly complex energy-body system where it’s easy to get lost. Is it all pointing us to the heart chakra? The green land, the sparkling stone atop the Page’s staff, the key they wield just in front of their own heart center?

What really is the key to the kingdom?

There is no question that our Page’s distinct role is to protect this floating bit of land which is the entirety of the known “World” to them. We see a stance of guardianship, almost as if our Page is receiving the card-viewer as an alien intruder. Yet, still...they offers us a key? Or tempts us with a key?

My logic-brain wanted to continually remind me that heart chakra is associated with air element while earth (as pentacles are) would be root chakra. Yes yes yes...we see the roots, they’re floating all about in the ashen sky, growing leaves rather than burrowing what’s up with this heart thing? The heart is the center.

True protection is groundedness and true groundedness is love because the heart is actually the whole whereas all other parts are just parts?

Traditional Meaning

Personification of Earth...steady and dependable. Grounded, solid, stable, secure, resolved, forthright, self-assured. Patient and persevering. A nurturing figure, a slice of “Mother Earth” Herself, embodied in another vessel. The Page’s destiny to protect the land is born of their genius-level understanding of the physical world. We can consider this a complete, dedicated and all-encompassing love.

Thanks for tuning in, please join in the conversation in the comments section below if you want to share your scry or read what others have to say!

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