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Saturday Scry - Knight of Swords

You guys, when this card flew out of the deck as our message today I was like “uggghhh I haaate the Knight of Swords, he’s such a shitty dudebro” and almost pulled another card. But that ain’t how this works, so I just went with it. Post-scry, I feel pretty tender towards this guy and, as with all tarot avatars, he is simply a representative of a universal archetype within us all.

We practice a bit of numerology here and choose our meditation time based on the card we draw, and since today’s card is the Knight of Swords, we will set our timers for 12 minutes. If you own a copy of this deck, pull out this card, if not, just get comfy (sitting or laying down) with your phone or computer and try to have the image be the only thing you’re really looking at. Take 3 deep full slow breaths as you tune in to your physical body sensations and the breath moving in and out of your nose past the rims of your nostrils. Take a few droopy heavy-eyelid blinks and let your mind doze off. Let your eyes move around the card until they find a resting place, you can stay there as long as you want until you’re called to move again. If you find yourself trying to tell a story or make sense of what you’re seeing, just re-focus on your conscious awareness on your breath and body, thus leaving your unconscious mind and your eyeballs to work together. Oh yeah, and if you’re wearing glasses, you can take those off! So please do your own scry before reading mine below!!!

My Scry

There is more to a Knight than meets the eye. His role is to battle but his rallying cry tells us that it does not always come naturally to him. His rallying cry calls upon his inner allies….the eagle, the eel, the gecko, the fish and this funny little gargoyle friend. These are the parts of self who the Knight feels he must call on to summon the strength, force and power he needs to wield the sword of intellect and spirit. We see here that the air element meeting place of intellect and spirit is not just air. It is made of the long fraught lineage of history and emotion.

The eel squeezes our knight’s throat and mind saying - if you want to be free of mind and voice, you’ll have to work harder than that.

The eagle stands before our knight, a father almost, a wise elder who has done this before and carries within his being, the memory of what it took to rally- he now offers this power of focus and direction to his son/the son within.

The fish says - oh fuck here we go again, I guess I’m here for it.

The gecko says - oh fuck here we go again, but, I’m gonna hide this round out.

The gargoyle says - I am wild, wily, small and truly tender of heart, but I have dedicated my life to serving my master, to learning how to wield this human sword, and I will protect him at all costs.

We also see the heat required for this rallying cry in the red of our Knight’s cheeks. And we see the transformation required for this endeavor in the reptilian marks around our Knight’s hairline and chin.

Traditional Meaning

Intellect, combat, overbearing, impetuous, brave, domineering, abusive, authoritative OR have issues with authority, brash, unemotional, ruthless, “attitude problem”, good at making business decisions, good at making enemies,

This Knight implores us to find a new way of thinking about a certain issue. He tells us to be assertive and rational in the face of inevitable conflict as whatever is coming up for you right now is something you must work through in order for it not to be a recurring challenge.

Alright! That’s all for today! So drop a comment below to share your scry!!

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