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Saturday Scry - Knight of Swords

I was positively transfixed with today’s message from Maria DiStefano’s Circle of Life Tarot. The 12 minute timer went by so fast as the story of the Knight of Swords drew me in.

Find a comfy place to sit, ditch your glasses, set your timer, sit back and enjoy the show. Focus on your gentle breaths and your relaxed eyes and mind. Take a sleepy nod if you find your active mind trying to make sense of your scry.

I think the written part of my scry will be somewhat brief today as this card was almost too powerful for words. I will leave you with these statements to be read as prompts to feel into the place of sensory memory or knowing.

…………………….…...Things we know to be true but need to remember, and the Knight of Swords is here to trigger our memories. Our deep soul memories…………………………..

Winter can bring out your body wisdom, you may be cold all the time, but you also may even start to enjoy it.

Many of the storms in your life have been created because you wore your mind like a spear and your pride like a razor sharp ribbon cutting a wake behind you. You can now see beauty in both. You can now see their cuts and tears as the very same doorways through which source speaks directly to you.

When you picture “God” in your head, can you imagine receiving 100% confirmation proof that not only is that INDEED GOD, but that they would also remind you that you are too.

Sometimes you have to leave everything up to chance if you want it to be really particularly beautiful.

The Sword can be just as much a bridge as it can be a weapon. But we must remember, that bridge is also a balance beam.

Knight of Swords - Expand Our Knowledge

Traditionally the Knight of Swords is indicative of a chapter in which you burst out of previously restraining aspects of your life, things change quite suddenly as you are suddenly in hot pursuit of an intellectual “Holy Grail.” You approach your battles like they are hunts and generally outwit your opponents- for your true sword is the sharp point at the meeting place of your mental, spiritual and emotional intellects. Don’t let your ego stifle your gifts and don’t let the excitement of now being free make you insensitive to the plights of others.

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