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Saturday Scry - 8 of Wands

Dear Scry Club!

Welcome new Scryers and welcome back long-term scry coven. Our card today is a super challenge. I love Maria DiStefano's Circle of Life Tarot for so many many reasons, especially the way she so gracefully practices visual alchemy to expand the traditional Tarot message by challenging the traditional imagery. The 8 of Wands in her deck has always baffled me, so I am glad we can work on it together today to forge some insight.

Prep for our scry by setting an 8 minute timer, finding a comfortable position to sit or lay down so that you can easily look at this image (if you have the physical deck, pull out this card and use that), remove glasses if you wear them and take 3 deep breaths as you relax your eyes, body and mind to receive our message. In scrying we drop the conscious mind so that wisdom from Spirit and the collective unconscious can come to us through the image we are working with. To do this we repeatedly have to drop the active logic brain. I like to take sleepy blinks where I relax my eyes and mind, I also find focusing on the breath moving in and out of my nostrils to be helpful as well (this is actually part of a meditative practice called Anapana, used for millenia to hone psychic and spiritual skils). Anyway, let's dive in, see you on the other side :)

My Scry

I am Fire. And Woman. And Destiny. You so easily forget that this card is of the Fire realm, for usually you think only of the wind. Here the change is still swift, but the Fire comes from inside, not blown in on the wind. The air is still reminding us that fire can change anything in an instant. Swiftness. The traditional name for this card. See my swiftness in the clean dagger I carry. Severing the head of the antiquated and toxic patriarchy was easy - one quick but determined and focused motion, not a drop of blood to be seen on my blade. Are you brave enough to follow me into the wall of Fire and burn in the alchemical flames of a new reality?

Traditional Meaning

The most well known interpretation of this card is that a swift and massive change has blown into your life on a strong bit of out-of-nowhere wind. We know that the Fire element is present because of wands, but generally the feeling I experience with this image is the classic chill of an unexpected gusty gale. Nonetheless this is generally seen as a very positive card to receive. Removal of obstacles in the realms of communication and anxiety helps you see to everything much more clearly, despite the fact that your head may be spinning as you scramble to assimilate this big change into your life.

Please join us in the comments section below to share your scry findings! If you're interested in receiving this weekly message in your email along with plenty of mystical art giveaway options, sign up here for the Saturday Scry Email Coven!

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