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Saturday Scry - 6 of Cups

Vernal Equinox/Ostara Blessings to all!!!

Such an interesting card for an interesting day! I consider us now to be in a bit of a storyline...this is what I take into consideration when consecutive cards arise in a reading...and this blog is kind of just one ongoing reading to some extent. So we explored the 5 of Cups last week, today we are called to explore the 6 of Cups.

If you missed last week's email and want to check in with it either before or after today's scry, you can read it or re-read it on the blog.

So get comfy, set your timer for 6 minutes and let yourself fall into this powerful card....

My Scry Together we are 8...4 beings, 1 for each seasons and our 4 creature vehicles for the midpoints of our cyclical journey through the year. The circle repeats ongoingly and forever, but never ever is exactly the same. We grow and change and age as do our seahorse familiars with each turning of the wheel. We carry 6 vessels for the 12 slices of the sky's astrological calendar, for both receiving and offering...remembering that the journey is always full of lessons and memories. Like the water of our sibling 5 of cup, here too in "outer space" our vessel's contents cannot be constrained by gravity...that which we learn must be shared and not coveted. The center of the wheel of Us, is our shared root. We do not tread upon the ground but rather grow and change and move through space from a shared locus. The root as soul. We don't recall our memories, we live them.

Traditional Meaning The 6 of Cups traditionally speaks to the concept of nostalgia...specifically the emotional gratification we derive from this indulgence of a trip down memory lane...palpable and simultaneous joy, pleasure, melancholy and longing. Sometimes this card tells us to let go of the past. Sometimes it tells us that something or someone from our past is sending us a message. This card is generally read as a blessing and permission to allow our emotions to blossom, but a warning to not live in a fantasy world.

Putting the Pieces Together I think the most important lesson that comes here is combining the lessons of memory, emotion and nostalgia with the lessons of Spiralic Time. Either way it reminds us that time is not linear and that we experience the Wheel of the Year as a component of Spiralic Time. We come back around, but we are changed and so is the other person or situation. I am also called to note that in the quantum realm, the past present and future are all happening at once... so it is the power with which you feel a memory, the clarity with which you can see it in your minds eye...that is the vessel through which you can best magic. Emotion is electric..... - What memories are occupying your consciousness right now? - Which people from your past are coming to visit you in your sleeping or waking dreams? - What situation are you wishing you could recreate, or on the flip side, what situation are you wishing you could erase from your past? - What happens when you overlay these answers with the concepts of Spiralic Time or quantum timelessness? Please feel free to share your scryings in the comments section below! And until next week...BLESSED SPRING!!!!

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