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Saturday Scry - 5 of Cups

Today Maria DiStefano's Circle of Life Tarot has dealt us the 5 of Cups.As we have discussed previously with the 5s, these cards ask us to reconfigure our means of understanding challenging situations.

So set your timer for 5 minutes, get comfy and relax into your scry. I'll share mine in conjunction with some traditional card associations below the image.

What lesson does this transformation teach? From human to sea creature with wizened eyes and wrinkles of truth-knowing and acceptance of the-way-it-is around the mouth...A far cry from the grieving in the traditional card below that is focused on the spilled cups. Eyes that remind us silly humans that fixation on thinking something is lost leaves us forgetting that a vessel is always more permanent than the presence of its contents. Always. And now, immersed in water, nothing can remain truly contained -- there is no way the young starfish could remain in their cups, nor can the tentacles of their parent force them to stay. But also the suit of cups is here to remind us that water element is all around us. Even if we do not live as sea creatures, we still exist within an ocean of all sorts of abundance. And we still exist in an atmosphere (and quantum holographic plane) in which things just as easily spill as they float away. It is not just that we are missing the 2 full cups behind us as the traditional card implies. It is not just that we are turning our backs on those gifts. It is that the gifts are always all around us and the wish to possess and covet them is what makes them go away. Our baby starfish will dance around their parent starfish, not because she grasps or grieves, but because she exists as an embodiment of embrace and understanding.

Until next time! Please share your scryings and thoughts in the comments section below!

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