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King of Cups - Creative and Emotional Intellect

While the King of Cups usually directs our focus towards a person in our lives or an archetype within ourselves who prioritizes (perhaps is forced to by social duty) responsibility before self-expression. Lettie Jane Rennenkamp blesses us with this reminder: “Don’t be afraid of all your softness, you have the power to feel through this situation.” The King of Cups in his most exalted Scorpionic expression also melds his wateryness with the power of highly intellectualized Air element that all of the Tarot’s Kings embody to create an alchemical vapor, mist, or mystical fog. The elements combined in this way force us to look beyond the obvious when it comes to the life-death-rebirth cycle.

Invocation Sigil - Clear Vision in Creative Cycles

Astro-Glyph Sigil - Moon in Scorpio

The King of Cups corresponds to the sign of Scorpio, which just happens to be today’s Moon sign. That means we have the opportunity align our inward sense of self, emotions and psyche with sharp focus and empowered expanded perception of the mysteries. As I’ve discussed before, in magick we are not trying to “figure out” he mysteries, we are trying to honor them, be with them, know them, embody them. So our sigil today is simple, really just the Scorpio glyph and the Moon glyph together.

Build Your Intuition With The Tarot

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