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Cycle 7 - Guest Reader Medicine Cards - November 12 - 22

Day 80 - November 12 - Kristoph

Hail Fellow Travelers,

Thank yourselves, each other, and the divine (in all the ways that manifest with you) for showing up to this exploration and practice today. Observation leads to curiosity leading to discovery leading to knowledge leading to empathy leading to understanding leading to action leading to love, which leads to peace. Today's card is borne unto us from John Matthews' The Celtic Oracle – an entrancing and detailed compendium of ancient Celtic shamanism that contains Visions, Movers, Empowerers, Worlds, Elements, Totem Beasts, and The Shapers – all of which entwine rich narratives for us to learn and grow with.

This is our 79th reading, and my first for you all. Much gratitude to Gina and every one of the other readers who are going on this journey together over these next couple weeks. 7 and 9 are numerologically powerful numbers often signifying divinity, magick, and connection to the whole of ethereal existence. Card 21, The Salmon, is a multiple of 7, and also 3, which is the square root of 9 and the indivisible symbol of the trinity that also appears in many Celtic knots. Eo, the fish of all wisdom, swims upstream to spawn holding a hazelnut in her mouth with a rainbow behind. The hazelnut is a dutiful gift containing infinite possible worlds within worlds. It also contains nourishment for other living things. The Salmon, if caught, cooked and eaten would provide its total knowledge to whosoever takes part in it, only to regenerate in another salmon body downriver from the Well of Segais. It is a symbol of the cycles of life in its embodiment of birth, germination, existence, pro/creation, death, and rebirth.

1. To me, The Salmon also signifies the understanding that the work must be done, and that sacrifice is an essential part of the pursuit. We must take that knowledge which nourishes us inwards in order for it to become a part of ourselves. That which provided it changes its form, even to the point of giving its life, which commands an empathy of compassion and respect that Nipponzan Buddhist teacher, the Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fuji Guruji, termed "necessary violence," that is to say, eating. It takes life to make life. In a time where many Movers and Shapers are struggling to swim upstream to deliver their beneficent gifts, there is much work to undertake - suffering, even - and I encourage us to not only observe their presence and offerings, but to also actually catch what they are bringing to the table. We must be our own fishers and remember that we are actors in this exchange. Learning is a participatory process, and we must do so mindfully. 2. Personal - When are you the fisher? When are you The Salmon? What infinite worlds do you contain that can be shared with those who encounter you and how are they delivered? 21, or 2+1 in numerological terms, represents 3, the numeral of creative self expression to be shared with others. Today I encourage all of you to take a 21-minute active meditation in three parts: 7 minutes from the perspective of the fish, 7 minutes as the fisher, and a final 7 minutes on the hazelnut. 3. Collective - Salmon typically undergo this spawning journey called the "salmon run" during the months of September, October, and November in northwestern America, where they are also known as a "keystone species" whose vital process courses from Mother Ocean to our Sisters presiding in lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams to deliver essential nutrients by way of their bodies (which often die soon after spawning). What insights, skills, and information do you carry from your source to the outlying tributaries of your community? What do you leave there as an esculent resource for others? What have others left for you? This is an excellent time to (safely, with care) deliver creative projects and to luxuriate in experiencing the expressions of others. Perhaps it is an online skill-share, a work of art, or a deep conversation. We exist together in this ecosystem and may be able to comprehend more of its ineffable whole as we ebb, flow, and swim upstream. Le Meidreach agus Leannán (with Light o' Love),

Kristoph DiMaria | Rags | No/Any/All Pronouns Preferred Cofounder, Director of Development, Musical Director | Will Kempe's Players Clown, Musician, Officiant, Notary Public, Divination | Ragliacci Instagram: @Ragliacci | Facebook: Ragliacci

Day 81 - November 13 - Ruthie

Greetings, and bright morning!

As i shuffled my cards, collectively channeling the energy of the group- I drew the 7 cups- as i picked up the deck, the 4 swords flew out, to enhance the understanding of this draw. I could not ignore the message that both bring for us to reflect upon today:

The interpretation of 7 Cups shows us: Problems emerge in its most direct form. Emotion and imagination can produce wonderful visions, but without grounding in both action and the outer realties of life these fantastic images remain daydreams ‘fancies’ without real meaning. These are visions from day dreams and fantasy. Dreams often express extreme conditions- and therefore, provide us understanding for needed action to move forward. These are opportunities that we may expand upon to bring each: wealthy, victory, fear, adventure, godliness, evil and psychic wisdom to fruition through the realization of the dreams.

This while considering this card with the 4 swords, meaning a time of retreat, recovery, introspection and withdrawal. Withdrawal can also lead to healing, if the purpose is not to hide, but to recoup strength. The card can mean holding back from a fight until there is a better chance of winning. Withdrawing for some time after some deep hurt, a person gives themself a chance to recover.

1. Personal: as we continue in our solitude, what are our personal day dreams- one or each of the 7 represented, and what opportunities are revealed? How can introspection and reflection bring them to reality?

2. Collective: how does individual solitude, help the collective? as Gina takes her meditation and retreat, how do we collectively entertain our potential opportunities to benefit the wider world?

Thank you for the opportunity today to read for the collective, Love goes to each one of you as we continue on our journey together.

Peace to you all today,


Day 82 - November 14 - Chris

Greetings all my name is Chris (He/Him) Pronouns. For today I have pulled from my favorite deck The Green Man Oracle by John Matthews and Will Worthington.

While this deck is more representative of Celtic culture and its reverence for nature trees/other plants. Most cultures have a reverence for trees and nature somewhere in their history. Speaking of the past and history, today's card is Gooseberry (The ancestors walked the way before you.)

1) Divinatory Meaning: Ancestral wisdom embraces the most profound levels of knowledge and lore available to us. Ancestors are not only the people from whom we are descended,but also the primal parents from whom all humanity derives. In nearly all cultures around the world they are seen as dwelling in the underworld, guarding the knowledge and wisdom of those who have gone before. Every thought,word, dream and idea is held for us in the realm of the ancestors. Traditional Shamans say that to go there is to enter a state of being in which they can access all this stored information, and when they need to find the answers to a profound question or need, it is to this realm they resort. This card indicates that you have the right to draw on the collective wisdom of those who have walked the path before you.

2) Personal: As I look at the face made up of leaves and the old bronze cauldron in the background I find myself wondering what questions I would ask and what answers would I find if I looked into that cauldron? Should I take that journey to the place of the collective ancestors? What is there that we have forgotten and need to remember? However, to quote my favorite character Treebeard. "Don't be hasty" For me at least such a journey shouldn't be rushed into and if I take the time the answers I'm looking for may be right in front of me. I just have to be ready to see them.

3) Collectively: As you scry this card what impressions do you get? Are the ancestors already speaking to us on this journey through the cards? If you did take a shamanistic journey to the realm of the ancestors, What questions would you ask? More importantly, are you ready to hear the answers?


Earth third rock from a sun called Sol. On the outer arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. (Current species mostly hairless bipedal primate with anxiety)


I have attached the divination meaning from the book and the lore for Gooseberry.

Day 83 - November 15 - Sarah

Good morning all,

Today I pulled from Denise Linn’s Native Spirit Oracle Deck. The card divination was witnessed by Blue Jay Spirit who greeted me this morning. Their loud calls as well as Crow have been initiating the presence of the New Moon for us yesterday into today. Speaking of which Happy New Moon in Scorpio! The New Moon in Scorpio wants us to go deep to the very core of our beings and so with that, here is the card that answered today:

1. From the guidebook: Have faith and know that you are divinely guided...even when you have doubts. Trust that you’re exactly where you need to be. Believe! You’ve planted your seeds; now allow the Creator to do the rest. Even if you can’t see into the future, have faith that the path will be illuminated and go forward. If you have any recurring challenges, turn them over to the Creator: Not my will, but thy will be done.

2. Collective: Great Mystery aka Creator aka Spirit is telling us to have faith and to trust our path. Faith is the vehicle for all manifestation. A theme we currently face, all of us, is a Collective Dark Night of the Soul. This year has brought us time and again moments of deep surrender and trust. We all must have faith in the surrender, trust in the outcome and remember to hand our struggles upward, to the feet of our ancestors who can transmute them.

3. Personal: Live the manifestation that you wish to bloom in every sense. Breath it, listen to it, smell it, taste it and touch it as if it’s currently happening. Remember it IS happening! Nothing can shake you or take away what is already yours, ours, and what Spirit provides.

From my Spirits, guides and guardians to yours,

Blessed be

Sarah Carter

Day 84 - November 16 - Amy

Good Afternoon All! I apologize for the delay, it is my birthday and I was supposed to have the day off, but unfortunately I am working! I am pulling from my new deck The Light Seers Tarot by Chris-Anne. This deck provides a modern guide to explore both the light and shadow sides of our nature. This deck has already begun to illuminate ways of looking at the light and shadow in myself and in my own life. Here is our card for today: Knight of Cups

1. From the guidebook: This classic romantic invites you to step into a world of roses and bubble baths, champagne, and horse-drawn carriages, and he is fully and totally devoted to you, for today. And maybe for every day! The card heralds romance and embodies all the graceful movement of two people who are dancing....or should I say courting? Enjoy this flirtation and be present to connect. This knight is intuitive and totally in touch with his emotions. As such, he knows what he wants, and he has no problems wearing his heart on this sleeve. 2. The card often signifies someone who is passionate and expressive. Watch for the arrival of a message or an invitation - one that will lead to a connection or an emotionally-rich experience. Move passionately towards the things that make your heart float, and try to see the world through the eyes of an artist. This knight will choose heart over logic and passion over wisdom, everytime. Take a cue from his playbook and witness the beauty around you, noticing how altruistic it feels when you place focus on how others are feeling as a result of your focused attention. Take inspirations and run with them. Make art, music, and love - and your life will unfold as a veritable masterpiece. 3. Are you ready to be swept off of your feet? And not just romantically but to be swept off of your feet by life? What guards do you have up that would block you from receiving the love of life? Thank you all for joining me in this reading on my birthday!!! Amy :-)

Day 85 - November 17 - Ella

Greetings everyone,

I hope this finds you well wherever you are. Today we are having an exceptionally beautiful San Diego fall day.

Today I pulled from my Lioness Oracle Tarot and a beautiful message came to us~


from the guidebook: Mars in Pisces | Ten of cups heralds the complete overflowing of emotions in a positive way. Life is rich and glorious. The joy runs deep and flows through every fiber of being. Immense blessings overflow. Meanings: depth of love, comfort of home and family, immense gratitude, emotional security, satiation, "blissed out", happiness, wholeness, self-love.

for the collective: the messages of the 10s are potent and charged with movement. Once again we are the students of the Wheel of Fortune. We do not know what awaits us, but within the chaos of so many endings, we are forging new beginnings. We are opening ourselves to new ways of relating to one another, of expressing ourselves, of discovering personal fulfillment,of feeling whole as humanity once again.

for the individual: I was taught that the lesson of the Wheel of Fortune, which 'rules' over all 10s in the Tarot, is the lesson of yin and yang. We are only able to know love and light when we've walked through darkness and pain. Such is what the 10 of Cups is sharing with us today. We are only able to feel fulfilled, wholeness, joy, compassion, love, when we know what it is like to face uncertainty. We are currently in a time of great uncertainty, and within this global uncertainty we begin so see what is certain (as can be) and full of love in our lives, and we walk towards them. We are learning how to fill our own cups in order to fill up the collective with wholeness and love, restoring our truest nature and beginning the healing journey. The beginning is the end, the end is the beginning~

with lots of love + gratitude,

Ella Reiter

Day 86 - November 18 - Sonja

Good morning and happy hump day beautiful souls!

I apologize for not introducing myself sooner. I'm Sonja : ) I met Gina in acupuncture school, and she was one of my first friends there. I know you all appreciate her amazingness, but just wanted to send some sparkles of appreciation for what an amazing human she is!! LOVE!

I'm an artist and energy healer, and currently designing and painting the images for an oracle card deck. The images I'm sharing are sneak peaks of the deck which is still in process! I have really been enjoying your readings and having this magical way to frame the day, so thank you all ️

The first card for today is compassion. This is the message from our bodies today! This also extends out to the body of Mother Earth herself. How can we view our bodies as extensions of Mother Earth? How do we care for the earth of our bodies and the land in which we live? Might be time to tap into a good documentary like Kiss the Earth or learn how to take care of our soil by composting, or just get your sweet hands into some dirt. What seeds of kindness can you sow today? Our bodies and the interwoven Body in which we live is calling for care, tenderness, and compassion. How can we lavish ourselves and others with understanding and love? How are clear boundaries and honesty an important part of compassion?

Compassion: Essence:Buddha Nature, Heart Center/Anahata Chakra, Willingness to be with suffering, Metta practice, Empathy Message: Compassion is your ability to extend the kindness and wisdom of your heart to any situation. You can cultivate compassion by considering the whole story and cultivating loving awareness for every facet. Instead of judging and reacting negatively towards someone for acting rude or disgraceful, you acknowledge the difficulty they must be experiencing that causes them to act in such a way. This can also apply to yourself. How do you react to your own pain? Now is an opportunity to extend kindness and care. A soft hand of the heart can work wonders in shifting the energy of condemnation to something more true. Coming from this place of acceptance and understanding, you free yourself to extend kindness and warmth towards difficult people. Sometimes we have the biggest repulsion towards people who have qualities we don’t like about ourselves. Self-acceptance and forgiveness make it easier to see that we are all connected, and that the other person is you. Your sensitivity to others does not mean taking on or embodying their emotional and physical pain.Drowning in suffering on behalf of another will not help them or yourself thrive. You can best support others by staying steady and grounded in your own container, while still deeply connecting with the being who suffers, whether that is yourself or another. Give the gift of compassion by listening with an open ear, making soulful eye contact, and being attentive to the experience of the one who hurts. You extend your compassion energetically, blessing the entire planet, by practicing a meta, or loving kindness meditation. Start this practice by sending love, kindness and blessing towards yourself. Then continue by extending that love, kindness and blessings towards friends and family, then acquaintances and strangers, eventually encompassing the totality of being.

This is the message from our spirits, and the next phase we will enter into. The Lovers card. Ooo! Who is in your field today? If there is no partner or flirt vibes happening and you're all cuddled up quarantine style, might be time to play with a new self-pleasure ritual. What turns you on? If you had the audacity to ask for EXACTLY what you want, what would it be? Go ahead, write it down and see what happens ;~)

Lovers Essence: Soulmate Connection, Partnership, Intimacy, Passion, Kindred Spirits, Unity Message: You have, or will soon meet a partner with whom you have a soulmate connection. You will experience an unparalleled sense of physical, emotional and spiritual alchemy. By living authentically and in alignment with your inner compass, you have laid the groundwork to attract a spiritual mate of caliber and integrity. In this spiritual union, you merge energies and experience a heightened sense of universal awareness. The moon reflects the sun while the sun illuminates the moon. Both are equally beautiful and powerful in their own right, yet they rely on one another to be fully luminous. Held by a bond of mutual appreciation and understanding, you are supported to shine your light onto the earth. You no longer feel that something is missing. It is easy to get swept up in the ecstasy and bliss of surrendering yourself to another being. However, it is important to retain your individuality and hold a polarity with your partner. Before diving deep into the bliss of energetic and erotic merging, make sure you have tools on hand that keep you grounded and remind you of your independence. Take space from one another periodically to reconnect with your unique essence and reinvigorate your personal goals. Partnership takes commitment and requires sacrifice. Your willingness to work through relational obstacles and release self-serving behaviors creates a harmony that delivers you unto infinity. Have a yummy day!!



Day 88 - November 20 - Meara

hello and happy friday (freya day) magickal friends!

my name is meara and today i did a collective reading for our medicine group! i hope this message finds you all well. i asked the universe for a message for the collective from my rider-waite-smith deck, and this was the messenger who popped out:

the devil.

i know, he seems intimidating and has an ominous look on his face, but the devil is not as scary or negative as he may seem at first glance. i think our initial response to the devil doesn't have to be necessarily negative--i feel that we often see the devil in a certain light because in our society, we were taught to see him that way through standards created by others who were pushing their own agenda. the devil is actually related to the pagan god pan, who i'll talk about in a few moments! here's what my guidebook said about this card: "superficially, the devil appears to be one of the more alarming cards of the major arcana. however, he does not represent satanic forces with evil intent, and it's important to remember this. he is the horned god of pagan times, connected to the fertility rites banned by the catholic church, which feared the power of pagan rituals, especially those including sexual activity. he is telling you that you need to re-evaluate your relationship to material things, which are keeping you chained. it's time to look at whatever is limiting you or holding you back from personal growth. you are being called upon to confront your fears about financial security and social and material success--the things of this world." interpretation: the message i'm getting is that now is the time to let go of fears and feelings that no longer serve you--we must release the chains that bind us to old belief systems about ourselves, our personalities, our physical appearance, and then we will be able to attain freedom from the binds we create for ourselves in our hearts and minds.

the mythological pagan god pan, who was half-goat and half-man, was a wild and free spirit who wandered the woodlands. he is associated with being the god of wild mountains and wooded glens, shepherds, flocks, fertility, springtime, and rustic music (he plays the pan flute!):

i think it's important to remember that the devil had these original associations with being wild, fertile, creative, and a magickal being of the woodlands. i feel that part of today's message is that everything is not always as it seems at first glance, and we should give ourselves a chance to see ourselves like pan, rather than assuming we are not; we are magickal and wild by nature, connected to the divine and to the universe, despite the ways in which societal and cultural standards might try to make us think otherwise. i hope you carry this message and find joy within your inherent magick and beauty today!

with love and blessings,


Day 89 - November 21 - Susan

Greetings All... Today is November 21, and this is your reading for the day. As a practice, I generally pull a quote from my “bucket of daily inspiration” to ground my reading in something actionable, and then two tarot cards. Today’s quote is.... “Resolutely train yourself to attain peace.” Buddha Commentary: Peace is not something that miraculously appears. It is something that is cultivated over time. This is something to consciously work at. Be diligent. Peace involves acknowledging the good in life - focusing on the positive instead of the negative. Everyone has something to be grateful for! Today, and for this Thanksgiving week, try to practice cultivating positive thoughts. Jot down things that you are grateful for and share this information with those around you. Gratitude is something to be shared.... The two cards I pulled to elaborate and support our phrase of the day are: the King of wands, and the Hermit. Wow!

King of wands: The king of wands is pure energy. He holds a flowering wand in his hand which represents creativity and passion. The king takes an idea and decisively implements it. This is a guy who sets goals and works hard to make them a reality. He looks forward to all sorts of challenges. If you are currently faced with a challenge, try to look at it differently. Is there something to be learned here? Could this be a gift rather than an obstacle? Whatever the challenge is, try to find some peace around it. That might be to simply - let it go. Hermit: The Hermit card depicts an old man standing alone at the peak of the mountain with a lantern in his hand. The mountain denotes accomplishment and success. He is ready to impart that knowledge to everyone. There is also a deep commitment to his goal and a solid awareness of the path that he is taking. He is a lonely wanderer, searching for his inner voice. To hear it, he needs solitude (or, as our phrase suggests - peace. As we approach the holiday week, take time to be alone and reflect on what is truly important in your life - and what is sheer noise to be discarded. So much of what we do is just chatter, and so insignificant. This week, try to make a sincere effort to cultivate the peace that both you AND the world needs so badly right now. Have a good day. Peace!Greetings All...

Day 90 - November 22 - Kate

Happy Sunday, dear ones!

What an honor it is to draw a card for our collective today, as we welcome Gina back from her retreat! As she reads through our messages and reflects upon the last 11 days, may she find beautiful synchronicities that affirm our deep interconnectedness in the Oneness underneath all forms.

This morning I was called to follow my typical practice of pulling from my Smith-Waite Centennial deck and then referring to my chosen deck, the Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi. I was not at all surprised when the 7 of Pentacles appeared... because it's currently the main card that I am working with personally! In fact, the Dreaming Way version was already sitting on my tarot altar; you can see it in the lower left of this photo:

You can also see the 7 of Pentacles/Earth from three other tarot decks: the Ostara (t