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Cycle 6 - 2020 Daily Medicine Cards - November 2 - November 11

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

This is only a partial cycle as I hand over the daily reading to a series of guest readers starting on November 12 while I participate in an 11 day silent meditation. So this will only be a 10 day cycle and the guest reader cycle will be their own thing before we jump back in to the normal 14 days.

Day 70 - November 2

New Cycle Greetings! The 2s are strong today! November reduces to a “2” month, and today is the 2nd. Thus, I will deem today’s card, the 2 of Cups, synchronistic and auspicious.

  1. I’m glad we tuned in to the Ace of Cups just a few short days ago, so we are fresh on the concept that Aces embody the element of their suit. The TWOs represent the “first manifestation” of the element of their suit. “First manifestation” is pretty much exactly how it sounds. Within the realm of the Ace, elemental energy is contained. The force exerted to “level up” to the Two, requires that the elemental energy previously contained must spill forth and begin engaging with the energy of the rest of the Universe. For the 2 of Cups specifically, this energy manifests as harmony within the union of polar energies. This is more so true with the Cups than other 2s because of the (sorry, studying for chemistry midterm) ionic and thus electrically conductive properties of water.

  2. Personal - One of the polar pairs that the 2 of Cups unites is that of The Word and The Will. So pulling this card can indicate that it’s time to consciously choose to address any division between your intentions/plans and your ability to follow through. There are many paths up this mountain, the first step can be as simple as a 2 minute meditative scy of the card, focusing primarily on the water of the separate cups spilling forth into the same sea.

  3. Collective - This unification is enacted within our own selves through the alchemy of LOVE, so when applied to people outside of oneself (be it an individual other person or the collective whole of humanity) unity is recovered as division/separation/obsession with independence is dissolved. Again we can take a step towards this source of love with a 2 minute scry of the card, this time focusing on the lotus flower at the top of the card and tuning in to the truth of our own origins as living beings. We all come from the same place and that is our most potent seed of love and simplest approach to collective healing.

In magic and medicine, yours truly

Gina Mauro

Day 71 - November 3

Archetypal Greetings All! The Monk/Nun visits us today from Caroline Myss’s Archetype Cards. If you’re also following along with her separate book Archetypes: Who Are You? You can read more info on this one in the “Spiritual Seeker” chapter.

  1. The Monk or Nun possesses spiritual intensity, devotion, dedication, persistence and often wisdom. They are able to be single-minded, assiduous, devoted to a spiritual path or really to any work that requires intense focus, like art or business. Sometimes there is a “celibacy” vow of some sort, doesn’t necessarily have to be sex specific, but some committment to refraining from an activity that drains vital essence. It’s important for the Monk/Nun archetype inside each of us to choose their own way to conserve energy for work and/or spiritual practice.

  2. Personal - Determine whether you have a serious life pattern of removing yourself from the world and personal relationship to focus intently on spiritual practice or work. How does this bolster your sense of self or possibly even fully define you?

  3. Collective -Much of the shadow aspect of Monk/Nun corresponds with physically or metaphorically being cloistered away from society and the real world. This can be neutralized or countered with the invocation “Strip away the illusions from my life. Let me see who I am clearly, my dark side and my light. Give me the courage to love deeply and to challenge the part of me that has the power to destroy other human beings.”

In magic and medicine, yours truly

Gina Mauro

Day 72 - November 4

Greetings from the Mushroom Kingdom! And what a Queen to guide us today, Amanita Muscaria, denoted as the Joker in the Stamets Mushroom Playing Cards deck.

  1. Amanita is a powerful entheogenic medicine who, like so many of her kind, apply her teachings through the “Trickster” archetype. The purpose of this primary modality is to reveal to us a few things: 1. the aspects of our lives over which we have absolutely no external control and thus must utilize the power of our soul-minds to change things, and 2. the tool through which to do that which is receiving the deep gnosis of the unbreakable web of unconditional love and union that connects us to all sentient beings.

  2. Personal - The sacred Trickster teacher crosses and often breaks both physical and cultural rules. They violate principles of social order, playfully disrupting “normal” life and then re-establishing it within the realm of Natural/quantum law. What aspects of your life do you imagine a Trickster would challenge? What factors would they tell you to change internally rather than continuing to try to unsuccessfully control externally?

  3. Collective - The mushroom reminds us that this sacred quantum law governing the natural world is/is fueled by unconditional love. We can specifically think of the moments when individuals are flooded with the full awareness of their place in the Whole and overcome with that sense of greater Oneness. Trickster medicine reminds us that all sense of separation is the actual lie.

In magic and medicine, yours truly

Gina Mauro

Day 73 - November 5

Angels and Archers!

Very interesting astrological draw today, then announcements at the end. It’s our Karma Cards day and our message is extremely powerful and extremely different than the flow that we’ve been in so far over these months together. The card that the deck revealed was The South Node, and I then checked in with the chart of the moment to determine its placement today and then go through the deck to find the corresponding cards, Sagittarius and the 1st House.

  1. The South Node, like the North Node is here with message about our core self, the work of Karma and a call to remember. While North Node is much about our past lives journeys, the South Node barks the order to STOP, look, listen and remember. Specifically to remember how we felt when we were aligned with our best interests and to make the effort to realign as such. The Archer, Sagittarius, known in myth as Chiron - the first doctor of herbal medicine, sage, teacher, skillful hunter, and voracious traveler- hungry to understand the religions, cushions and philosophies of other cultures. And as we know from study of our own ascendant/rising signs, when something shows up in the 1st house, we are called to tune in to what message we are projecting through our appearance, personality, outlook on life and our actions.

  2. Personal - “Remember your highest ideals immediately.” + “There will not be insights to understand who you are.” It’s an easy time to get swept up and blown about by the confluence of many winds right now. Here we are told directly that we are NOT going to get the reminders/insights about our inner selves from the external world. This is an inside job and needs to be tuned into promptly. I suggest a 9 minute meditation as Sagittarius is the 9th sign in the zodiac.

  3. Collective - “Reconsider the rules of the way you project yourself” + “Now is not the time to get it out to the world and do it on your own.” We do the personal work above so that we can come correct when showing up for the collective work. We may need a full and swift reassessment and reconfiguration of how we show up to the table/World. We also must further dissemble concepts of separation by identifying toxic concepts around individualism. (Individualism and individuation are not toxic processes or states of being, but sometimes the way we maintain our boundaries and momentum pertaining to those things can have toxic fuel.)

In magic and medicine, yours truly

Gina Mauro

Day 74 - November 6

Friday Blessings from The Goddesses,

Fridays are presided over by the most powerful trifecta of ancient Goddesses - Anglican/Germanic namesake Freya (Friday = Freya’s Day), Roman Venus (Viernes and Vendredei) and Egyptian Goddess Isis (unsure as to any associated nomenclature for days of the week). But also perhaps all of these Women were one in the same, named for the same “star”/planet in the sky seen all around the world and given millenia of associated narrative to formulate their respective mythos. Thus the 3 of Cups feels synchronous for today.

  1. The 3 of Cups, if nothing else is a celebration, a healing card, the achievement of the first stage of a goal and the association is the feeling of an emotional reward. Concepts embodied in this card include recovery from illness (physical, emotional or spiritual), growth and maturation, and even the expression of artistic talents in new and satisfying ways.

  2. Personal - While the Women in our card’s representation today, as holds true for many decks, are all youthful of similar age, the 3 of cups also represents the 3 faces of the Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone. How do you see each of the faces of the Goddess in your own journey? Maiden? Mother? Crone? How does the transformation between the faces reflect the many seasons, celebrations, emotional rewards and recoveries of your life?

  3. Collective - The story of these 3 Women is also that they are engaging in a harvest celebration and, in the spirit of Mercury (the god of commerce and exchange as well as the communication, travel and thought we’re more likely to know about) dividing their yield equally. How do the concepts of exchange of ideas and exchange of goods show up in our life? How does celebration align with those concepts for you?

In magic and medicine, yours truly

Gina Mauro

Day 75 - November 7

Happy Saturday Scry!

Today Maria DiStefano offers us an excellent opportunity to drop in to a card where her Circle of Life deck really challenges the standard narrative imagery of the card - Strength. As Major Arcana XI in this particular deck, I recommend an 11 minute scry. 8 minutes is also an option as we have learned, depending on the deck, Strength and Justice often flip flop between the 8th and 11th position. A dear dear friend has recently joined this group (shoutout to ER!) who shared with me many years ago that the longer you stare at a work of art, the colors and details perceptible to the eye more than double with each passing minute - this is also the reason that the longer you stare at the night sky, the more stars seem to emerge and why more of a card’s true message will be transmitted the longer we scry.

  1. Traditionally we see the story told in the Strength card through the imagery of a woman in a relaxed but dominant posture either petting or riding a docile and domesticated lion. I’ve always wondered why Maria DiStefano made this card so divergent from that imagery and if it meant that she was giving us a message about strength that was different than “you can only tame and overcome your demons (internal and external challenges) by befriending them.” Is this the behind-the-scenes process of the taming? Is this her rejection of the traditionally touted concept of a peaceful exchange of power? Or a message saying that wild cats will always be wild?

  2. Personal - After a few minutes, I found myself noticing a yellow aura emerge around our green woman and that her eyes revealed themselves to be red - I understand this to indicate that she is in a heightened or trance state and that she really is working with the lion in some mysterious way, not fighting him.

  3. Collective - I found myself feeling the fiery flame nature of the lions hair and the tip of his tail like a torch - I understand this to represent the ever-present strength of the fire element, while a fire can be controlled or contained, as long as it still burns, it can provide all the wonders and dangers of its true elemental nature.

In magic and medicine, yours truly

Gina Mauro

Day 76 - November 8

Blessings to All! A very short post today as this mudra truly speaks for itself. I highly recommend you try it for at least the suggested minimum of 5 minutes. I also want to take a moment to tune back in to some original intention in terms of this newsletter: while of course I hope that this journey together will bolster your learning and general card-reading skills, I most primarily hope that each card/post is a transmission of medicine for the soul.

  1. “Use the power of discrimination to see through all the trappings of chasing status and position.”

  2. Personal - “In the silence of your own heart, release contrivance and return to your original innocence.”

  3. Collective - “...activates the power of spirit, improves discernment and self-honesty, improves the voice and ability to communicate inner feelings.”

In magic and medicine, yours truly

Gina Mauro

Day 77 - November 9

Greetings Beloveds,

Today’s card is from Lonny Jarrett’s deck The Spirit of the Points and all quotes are from his book The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine. All I have to say myself is that I am blown away at the timely nature of this card - its medicine is truly a gift within many realms (ancestral healing, personal lifelong healing, and even collectively acute healing). I’ll allow Small Intestine 6 to speak for itself.

  1. Small Intestine is one of my favorite meridians to work with, it is so powerful because it is able to address the angle of any problem that is caused by a buildup of that which does not serve. SI does such by sorting pure from impure, burning away mundanity and empowering transformation in all aspects of being. SI 6 specifically can relieve physical and emotional lethargy caused by previously smothered fires. I recommend getting in the habit of palpating this point regularly (perhaps in place of other body-based actions of comfort or compulsion) by way of massaging clockwise circles around your “wrist bone” (pic attached).

  2. Personal - SI 6 assists in many aspects of our psychospiritual and physical healing, one of which being burning off the impurities that have been blocking our ability to receive nourishment. This allows for reconnection to and assimilation of literal food nourishment as well as the aspects of our lives that fill, heal and balance us. I think that one of the most pressing emergencies we have to address within ourselves is the “bitterness and cynicism that can manifest as we feel oppressed by the worst in everything.”

  3. Collective - A key aspect of working with SI is bolstering our ability to communicate our heart essence into the world. This is achieved not only by being able to more clearly speak our own words, but by fortifying the virtues of listening and intuition. Even more specifically SI 6 moves stagnation within the meridian when it manifests as a “bitterness and resentment that obscures clear communication” from and to the heart as well as from and to others.

In magic and medicine, yours truly

Gina Mauro

Day 78 - November 10

Greetings All,

Another auspicious numerological day (for us) in the realm of Tarot - there are 78 cards in traditional Tarot decks and today is the 78th post in this series! Congrats on actively practicing channeling and receiving the medicine of a daily card draw- I consider few practices more essential to the alchemical process, journaling and checking the daily astrology being the others. That said, our card today is truly rich and carries equal blessings and warnings.

1. I recently spoke to a fellow sister reader about this card and her aversion to the traditional imagery of the grinning man seated in front of an archway of cups. While I had rarely read the card as negative, Rachel Pollack's 78 Degrees of Wisdom where shares that it can "demonstrate the attitude of avoiding worry and problems by concentrating on ordinary pleasures. People sometimes react antagonistically to this card, perhaps wishing to see themselves as beyond superficiality." As many of you know, I do not read "reversed" meanings because I think it's important to receive and take into consideration both the light attributes and shadow attributes of all cards no matter what. In the true spirit of inner alchemy let's use this card to integrate some conscious/unconscious concepts around celebration and superficiality. 2. Personal - The 9 of Cups is often considered the "young" or "in training" High Priestess. I've also always seen the Empress in her as well, but her correlation to the High Priestess is in reference to her abilities in the subtle realms. My teacher Sandy taught me this card as the "be careful what you wish for because you are much more powerful than you think and you will get what you request." A testament to the necessity of achieving a unified will between the unconscious and the conscious - for we may very well block ourselves from the deeper pleasures as with anything that goes deep, we know that we must accept facing the shadows along with the light. 3. Collective - Again from Rachel Pollack "At times, especially after troubles or a period of long, hard work, nothing can serve us better than a simple good time." Our card today depicts a hostess awaiting guests, dear friends with whom to share her bounties and successes. The 9 of Cups is a snapshot right before the party where everyone involved in having championed their friend gets to enjoy the collective wealth and be showered with gratitude. So again, we stand on the line between superficial gains and deep soul revelry: when we celebrate with our people, we welcome the depths of joy that we know can also stir and awaken inner emotions, memories and realizations. There are sometimes tears with laughter and joy doesn't always mean simple happiness. We hold that space for our people as those awakenings are one of the truest paths to being able to actually share prosperity and satisfaction.

In magic and medicine, yours truly

Gina Mauro

Day 79 - November 11

Blessings All! It’s hard not to read today’s medicine guide as a personal message just for meee as I head into my 11 day meditation and today is my last reading until Monday 11/23. I will quote exclusively from Jamie Sams and David Carson’s guide book to these cards, for as those of you who also use this deck know, the book is actually perhaps the primary avenue for transmission of this particular medicine. They both come from indigenous lineage, David is of Chocktaw descent and Jamie of Cherokee and Seneca lineage and they created this deck and wrote this book (along with other books throughout the years) as a means of bringing the power of Animal Medicine to all. Sometimes I can synopsize their writings and maintain the message, for Whale, such is not the case.

  1. “Whale is very much like a swimming library. Whale carries the history of Mother Earth…their sound frequencies can bring up records in the memories of ancient knowledge...Whale medicine teaches us to use the sounds and frequencies that balance our emotional bodies and heal our physical forms.

  2. Personal - “You are being asked to tap into these ancient records and to allow yourself to be sung to by those who have the original language...The call of the Whale is the lullaby of the tides. Rock yourself gently and float into the world of the sea. Flow with the waters of time and collect your answers -- they are the only truth that will lead to your personal pathway of knowing.”

  3. Collective - “Earth’s children will have to unite and honor all ways and all races in order to survive....After all, you are the melody of the Universe, and the harmony is the song of all the other creatures...In hearing the Whale’s call you will connect to the Ancients on a cellular level, and then as you relax into the flow of the song’s rhythm, you will begin to open your unique library of records…”

And with that, I’ll say - please enjoy your time with the awesome card readers who will be your stewards over the next 11 days! I can’t wait to read all their medicine transmissions!

In magic and medicine, yours truly

Gina Mauro

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