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Cycle 1 of 2020 Daily Medicine Cards, August 24- September 6

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Day 1 - August 24

Beloved Souls,

Thank you again for joining me on this journey of introspection, reflection and comfort.

The format of each post really will be relatively brief. I’ll provide

  1. A very basic impression phrase to convey the essence of each card to you.

  2. A prompt for personal introspection and reflection.

  3. A prompt for collective insight and healing.

Now let’s dive in!! How auspicious that our very first card draw together is the Major Arcana “Art” card from the Crowley-Harris Thoth deck! Wow!


  1. A combination of forces, realization, action based on the marriage of conscious and unconscious mind as the two-headed angel in this card combines fire and water - feeding and anointing a lion and an eagle.

  2. The cauldron represents the Golden Egg where our secret internal work is being done and the latin words around her say “By rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone.” What internal “fires” and “waters” are you marrying in order to alchemize moderation in your life through the death of old patterns?

  3. “We have gone down into the self and now are making our way back to involvement with the outer world, enriched.” This card corresponds to the zodiac’s gregarious Sagittarius, the archer- in this card we see the two crescent moons at the top as bows, and note the small arrow at the Angel’s solar plexus shooting upwards through a rainbow. “Rainbows appear as a sign of peace after a storm, which reminds us that Temperance shows the personality released by the fearful experience of Death.”- Rachel Pollack (78 Degrees of Wisdom)

If you’re working alongside this project with your own deck, pull out the corresponding card each day to put on your altar, desk, fireplace, etc etc.... Today that would mean “Art” if you’re using the Thoth, “Temperance” if you’re using a Smith-Rider-Waite or almost any other. The Major Arcana number is 14 (XIV) so you might also have some exploring ahead of you if your deck has its own special name for this card. If you’re using a deck of Playing Cards you can place the 6 of Hearts and the 8 of Clubs. The freedom of working with Playing Cards, Oracle decks or Runes is that you have a lot of room to move around within the arena of divination and metaphor. You can pull a “clarifying card” or rune, just to see what your deck has to say about the whole vibe of our collective card. You can also use the numerology and symbolism (of visual interpretation, intuition or information) to choose which card or cards feel the most like our collective card.

Thank you again so very much, feel free to respond with questions, comments, anecdotes or suggestions. Until tomorrow!

In magic and medicine, yours truly,


Day 2 - August 25

Good Morning Angels,

Another powerful card has revealed itself to us today from Caroline Myss' "Archetype Cards." One of the coolest things about pulling a daily card is that a theme or story can start making its way forward. As we discussed yesterday with Art/Temperance there is an alchemical union of seemingly opposite, but ultimately powerfully complementary forces.

1. Today we see "The Companion" archetype come forward for us. Myss shares a bit about light and shadow attributes of this friend, sidekick, right arm, consort. Light aspects include loyalty, tenacity and unselfishness. The Companion provides a symbolic service to a stronger or more authoritative personality to help this person focus on their mission. The Shadow Companion manifests as betrayal by misusing confidences and loss of personal identity as The Companion suppresses their own needs.

2. Look for your lifelong patterns of either playing the loyal companion to someone else or being the person who needs a loyal companion. We can put this through the Art/Temperance filter from yesterday as well and note the internal relationships that also form within this companion dynamic - who tends to serve and who tends to control within your conscious/ego--unconscious mind relationship? Who tends to serve and who tends to control in your internal elemental balance between fire and water? the lion and the eagle? In our internal and external relationships, how do we either lose our personal identity or expect others to put their personal identities aside for us?

3. In her book "Archetypes: A Beginner's Guide to Your Inner-net" Myss categorizes The Companion within The Caregiver umbrella. Here we have the opportunity to call on the grace of compassion for the collective. The Companion invites us to open ourselves to this mystical force that can shift us into a more positive state of mind as we detach from any patterns of martyrdom-based resentments for having lost ourselves in Companion roles previously. How can you start softening to the divine Wholeness of all beings on the Planet (which includes yourself) without the embedded fears and resentments of having abandoned yourself in Companionship previously?

Blessings all day!

In magic and medicine, yours truly,


Day 3 - August 26

Morning Blessings,

In diving into the Paul Stamets “Mushroom Cards”, it seems there was almost no way we couldn’t continue with our mystical message theme of the week. Mushrooms by their nature embody art, temperance and companionship. Today we ease away from the intensity of the Thoth “Art” card or the cautionary tale of the Archetype “Companion” card and receive some teachings from the Enokitake mushroom and the 4 of Hearts. Today is also exciting for me because it’s the first day that we really get to do some multi-cosmology blending (mushroom, tree, numerology, symbolism and tarot).

  1. The Wild Enokitake grows on the trunks and stumps of the Sugarberry tree. Its taste is mild, sweet and fruity with a crispy texture. Often used in soups it absorbs the flavors of other ingredients. It’s primary health enhancing properties include anti-cancer and blood glucose balancing agents. Numerologically the 4 reminds us to focus on building a secure future through awaking to a sense of purpose and willing to work long and hard. The suit of hearts (which correlates to cups in Tarot) rules the realms of emotions, love, art, flow and communication. The Tarot’s Four of Cups would remind us that though we may think we’ve got our hands (or cups) full in a certain realm, though we may be apathetic or closed off in said realm, that we mustn’t turn our noses up at the Universe when they offer us a gift, blessing or bounty.

  2. Personally - What are some of your favorite gifts that you’ve received from the Universe that you originally tried not to accept? In the soup of your life, whose flavors have you absorbed? What keeps you sweet and strong enough to maintain the methodical and conscientious focus required for your life’s work?

  3. Collectively - What or who is your Sugarberry tree? The Sugarberry tree is a cousin of the Elm and their primary ecological function is to prevent riverbank erosion with the strength of their roots. What is the collective gift from the Universe that you’re hesitant to receive because of the responsibility of emotional and creative communication with this root system and its sacred job?

The invitation is always open for you to respond with questions, comments, extrapolations etc. Also if you ever feel called to share the corresponding card from your deck, that’s always a fave for me :)

In magic and medicine, yours truly,


Day 4 - August 27

My Fellow Seekers,

As we continue to dive deeper into our card-guided study of the mystery, today is our big intro to ASTROLOGY! Yep! We are going to use the Karma Cards deck to access the powers of both Karma and Astrology within scope of Edgar Cayce’s definition of Karma as “meeting yourself.”

There are many ways to choose cards from this deck. For today’s draw I simply shuffled the entire deck together and used the first card that popped out (Uranus) to tell me which other cards to choose (Taurus and the 8th house) as that is where Uranus is stationed right now (note, I keep my homepage set as the astrological chart of the moment). There is always so much happening in the sky, sometimes it feels overwhelming to try to absorb everything that the day’s chart has to tell us. I love using the cards, and I do this with the tarot as well, to direct me as to which astrological aspects to put my focus on for the day. The Karma Cards themselves provide 6 prompts, 2 each for the Spiritual, Mental and Physical realms.

  1. (Basic info on this placement, NOT from the cards) Uranus’s rule of spiritual awakening, cosmic love and all oneness are currently cradled and amplified in Taurus’s sensual, rooted, nurturing world of material manifestation. When we slow down, get earthy, awaken our senses and begin to apply our stubborn strength to growing roots and building form, we can also awaken to integrating an expanded awareness of the birth-death-rebirth cycle.

  1. Personal (now from the card’s specifically) -

  2. Spiritually - what is an example in your life of how you’ve used any unusual resources to maintain your personal power?

  3. Mentally - invite in a new and different practical means of exploring the mysteries of life.

  4. Physically - sometimes we need resources that are not in our own possession, are we willing to invent the MOST direct way to get what we need? How can we do this while staying within the Sacred Laws of integrity?

  1. Collective -

  2. Spiritually - how willing are you to consider your beliefs a serious enough issue to stir up a situation? Is there something you’ve felt is a life-or-death issue? And are you willing to rock the boat?

  3. Mentally - be open to new ideas about the trade-off/compromise of obtaining and utilizing power.

  4. Physically - what is a major change that ended up being more productive than you had anticipated and has caused an unexpected change in your life?

In magic and medicine, yours truly,


Day 5 - August 28

My Darling Siblings of the Mystery,

Today, as we return to the realm of Tarot specifically, we are accompanied by a sweet soul who is a guide and student in much the same way as we are right now.

Before we dive into the Page of Pentacles specifically, I’d like to note that it seems the Page is really the only traditionally Gender Non-Conforming archetype represented throughout Tarot history. Sometimes deliberately illustrated as a young female, rarely but occasionally illustrated as a young male, and more often than not buoyantly residing in a liminally androgynous and mystical space.

  1. The Pages are always bridges, messengers and change agents. The Page of Pentacles differs from the other Earth element cards in the means through which both riches and grounding are represented. They differ from other Pages in that their role as messenger is more receptive than active. The Page of Pentacles achieves both of these things through their dedication as a student. Through this role, this Page is a symbol of spiritual bounty represented by fascination, practical dedication, intuition, reflection and a strong connection to nature.

  1. Personal - How are you cultivating your intuition right now? How do you find grounding and stability in your life beyond the safety of the physical realm? Is there an inspired line of study that you’ve maybe neglected recently that provides a comparable but even stronger comfort than that of the material possessions that we so regularly swaddle ourselves with?

  1. Collective - In what ways are you serving the Whole as a receptive messenger? Do you allow yourself to see simple relaxation and unwinding as an antidote to spinning your wheels and wasting energy when you really wish you could be helping in a bigger way? The Page of Pentacles specifically reminds us of how powerfully global interconnectivity can wear on one’s alignment to the inner self. Just for today, can you trade one social rat-race indulgence for a juicy emotional or intellectual investment that would make you feel really great?

May our Page walk beside each of you today in your personal and collective quest <3

In magic and medicine, yours truly,


Day 6 - August 29

Saturn-day Morning Blessings All,

I know that Saturday isn’t a day off for everyone, but I hope that it provides a bit of space in our lives to take a little extra time with today’s Tarot card. We are receiving our wisdom today from The Circle of Life Tarot by Maria DiStefano. I’ve pasted at the very bottom of this message after my signature the information on today’s deck and the approach we will be taking as originally shared in my introductory description of all the decks. Today we will be engaging an intuitive practice called scrying (staring prolongedly at something, dropping into the relaxed space so the important symbols/shapes and feelings can come through). So I will share the basic standard card info about The 9 of Cups, but the Personal and Collective prompts will be purely from my own scrying of this card this morning. I did that by attuning myself to the vibration of 9 - setting a 9 minute timer and breathing on a 9 count while just being with the card, repeatedly relaxing the muscles around my eyes.

I also invite you to scry this card yourself and comment below with some things that pop out to you visually and metaphorically as well feelings or stories that come through.

  1. The 9 of Cups is broadly and basically considered the wish fulfillment card of the Tarot. Emotional fulfillment of the general appreciation and overflowing heart variety also apply here. Having this card pop up is usually an invitation to let yourself indulge some celebration or pleasure with full allowance.

  1. Personal - Recently I’ve been learning more about manifestation as something that occurs when the upper chakras’ energy moves downward to feed the heart and the lower chakras’ energy moves upwards to do the same. The green tone of this card as well as the bright light coming from the door/window/hearth call me to remember to always come home to the heart chakra. The water appears to me like a robed angel with a relaxed and open posture - offering the bounty, whatever it may be. And perhaps most importantly, I note that our protagonist carries the largest vessel upon her shoulder - I feel into this visual representation of the old adage that we cannot give from an empty vessel. Can you continue to return to that scientific truth today any time you happen to notice your focus may be scattered and grasping about for fear that you’ve forgotten some responsibility?

  1. Collective - I see the birds as the “others” initially, entities outside of our protagonist’s self who she must care for. Then I remember that everyone else actually resides within ourselves- in the heart space there is no “other.” Who are the birds who you feed? Creative projects? People in your life? Archetypes inside you that help you see things from others’ perspectives? Feel into the open heart space of the fulfillment that comes from this emotional responsibility.

Enjoy this day and the blessings of this card! I look forward to hearing from you :)

In magic and medicine, yours truly,



This deck is the Circle of Life Tarot by an Italian artist Maria DiStefano. We will use this deck to talk about the practice of scrying and to introduce a simple meditation for doing so. This deck’s illustrations are provocative and fantastical. This is a great type of deck to choose if you’re wanting to test your abilities with the above-mentioned foundations of cartomancy while introducing the practice of scrying. First, find a deck whose images entrance you but that are kind of mysterious or not completely within the symbological paradigms of a Golden Dawn fool’s/hero’s journey.

Scrying is the practice of staring into an object and letting your mind wander, potentially into dreamlike vision in the hypnagogic liminal space.

What I do with this deck and I recommend for everyone with every deck (even if it has a companion book or if you’re using one of many wonderful general tarot companions) is to meditate with the cards. Set a timer for 1–5 minutes and dedicate a span of 5–20 minutes total to spending gentle time with a handful of cards. I use the timer because I want to create a container that’s a safe space for my unconscious mind AWAY from my conscious mind.

Set up a comfortable place to sit or lay down with your cards, and for the 1–5 minutes that you’re spending with each card, just let yourself go into the images. While you’re letting your eyes swim around in the art, your conscious mind will repeatedly try to figure out what different symbols mean and draw rigid conclusions about. Every time this happens, just breathe and gift yourself the reminder and allowance to let your brain and body go back to that mushy relaxed tingly place like you’re going to fall asleep into the dreamscape of the card. After your timer goes off, you can write down some of the symbols that really stood out to you. Write down what your unconscious mind told you first, then go through with the tools we’ve already discussed (archetypes, numbers, metaphor, astrology), beyond that you may want to look up any other components on the internet or in a dream dictionary later.

Day 7 - August 30

Sunday Blessings,

Whatever your path may be, spiritual, religious, something else entirely or nothing at all and whether this is a work or school day for you or not, may this day bring you a moment of respite and light. Our Mudra card is a perfect opportunity to sit in quiet connection with The All-There-Is and create some very focused and purposeful energy.

  1. Our guidance today comes in the form of the Mushtika Mudra which represents the rich gift inside us which is our creativity (winky face to someone who is reading this - you know who you are!!!). Practicing a few minutes of meditation with this Mudra helps us cultivate selflessness through accepting that unique talent of ours as a commitment to ourselves and an offering to the world.

  1. Personal - “Weakens ego-grasping and self-defeating habits, awakens enlightened attitude and the heart of compassion, reduces anxiety and self-doubt, calms the spirit, clears the mind, benefits the heart and vascular system.” Remembering our message from the 9 of Cups yesterday about prioritizing the practices that fill our vessel - and inviting in the addendum that a vessel cannot fill if there are holes such as self-doubt and ego-grasping that leak out faster than we can fill up.

  1. Collective - “As you make the offering internally, you may also whisper the incantation ‘I dedicate my thoughts, words and actions to the welfare of all beings.” What precious jewel inside you do you know would improve the welfare of all beings? Even if it’s a practice or a talent that seems to only benefit you, can you see how your personal internal soul care is a radical act of collective healing?

Enjoy this sweet sweet practice and feel free to respond if you want to share any sensational experiences that came through. For me it was just that my hands got incredibly hot like the Sun itself was the jewel, I felt a clarity and reassurance that all obstacles are absolutely navigable.

In magic and medicine, yours truly,


Day 8 - August 31

Moonday Greetings All,

Today is an exciting day as we dive a little bit more deeply into the practical magic aspect of card work that we began yesterday with the Mudra cards. When we practice our mudras it changes the vibration of our being in various ways, some of which has to do with the reflexology map of the hands, some of which has to do with the acupressure meridians and points that are on the hands and fingers, and the rest of which has to do with other mystery magic that I’m not yet versed in. Today we will receive our direction from Lonny Jarrett and Kathryn Nemirovsky’s “Spirit of The Points” deck. Not only do we get a directed message about what to focus our attention and intention on as we do with all the cards, but we again get a specific recipe for application that we can use to change our own state and thus the quantum field around ourselves. Also my shiatsu teachers are in the house as well as some of my acupuncture school homegirls, so may I do right by them all in transmitting this message with the same integrity and love through which they all so honorably carry the message of Chinese Medicine.

  1. To quote directly from Lonny Jarret’s The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine as he explains this point in reference to the metaphor of the entire meridian system as functionally both like a loom itself as well as structurally the fabric that is woven and all the strings required to do so. “The function of Bl-11 can be compared to the shuttle of a loom that weaves back together the fabric of life when it unravels…’Great shuttle’ addresses the relationship between jing, marrow and the production of blood to weave these vital resources back into a functional fabric that supports life.”

To actually use this point for general tonification, I would highly recommend laying on tennis balls! Two tennis balls in a sock placed right next to each other creates the proper distance from the spine (1.5 cun) for this point (aka your spine is in the middle and there is one tennis ball on either side). It’s also a somewhat easy point to find because it is level with T-1, your first thoracic vertebra. Even if you don’t have a notable bump right there like I do, you can find this vertebra by reaching back and touching your spine where your neck ends and your torso begins, gently make a head-nodding “yes” motion to note where the mobility of your neck stops. When you lay on your tennis balls, you’ll place them right at the beginning of the immobile.

I’ll invite you all now to indulge the metaphorical thinking which makes Chinese medicine such an art. This point is helpful in aiding recovery from chronic illness or after blood loss.

2. Personal - While I of course hope that no one has suffered those physical disturbances recently, there is always some metaphorical “chronic illness” or “blood loss” in the narrative that formulates the stories of our lives. In what subtle, emotional, spiritual, etc...realms of your life could you benefit from support in recovering from these things? In your meditative state of laying on the tennis balls, invite your physical and subtle body to receive whatever healing applies to you through this point.

3. Collective - Another layer of the deep magic of Chinese Medicine is how we get this portal to looking at the Whole World as a living body who moves through storylines and pathologies constantly. After you feel you’ve spent the needed time on your own life and body with this point, expand your awareness to the Whole. Offer a few breaths of healing for just one “chronic illness” or “blood loss” that the collective needs help with.

May the force be with you, contact me with questions!

In magic and medicine, yours truly,


Day 9 - September 1

Happy Full Moon in Pisces!

May this blessed morning find you well as we return to receiving messages specifically from the Tarot. Today the 5 of Wands visits us from Lettie Jane Rennenkamp’s “Many Queens Tarot.” We are going to journey a bit into the land of our imagination and unconscious today to challenge ourselves to have some fun with this card.

  1. I generally refer to this card as the playful conflict/distracting drama card. Lettie Jane Rennenkamp says “Do you get off on conflict? Is that benefiting you? Have you been spending all your time untangling other people's messes? Go home and rest.”

  2. Personal - I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that maybe it's not a bad thing that we enjoy some aspects of conflict, that we sometimes drum up or indulge drama to distract ourselves. Maybe it’s the self-judgment about enjoying these things that gets us stuck and keeps us trapped and feeling bad in that very conflict. Remembering that Wands carry the alchemical power of fire, choose one conflict in your life (internal or external) to let yourself just fully, non-judgmentally totally immaturely enjoy today. Let yourself whip up all the fiery energy you’ve been trying to restrain in the name of “doing the right thing” or “being the bigger person”...and direct that fire to burning away the ropes of restraint so that you can just enjoy being yourself.

  3. Collective - In almost every deck I’ve used, usually either or both the illustration or the description transmit some message of playfulness within the conflict. This reminds us that all 5 people with all 5 of their Wands are required to make this card what it is - like it takes 5 to tango or something. Continuing to burn away judgement (towards self and others in the situation) with the cleansing alchemical fire of Wands, let us also ask the light of the fire to illuminate that which we cannot see regarding the others with whom we are in conflict.

Enjoy tonight’s special moon!!

In magic and medicine,


Day 10 - September 2

Morning Greetings from our Animal Friends,

Big magic coming through today!! Jamie Sams and David Carson’s “Medicine Cards” bring us a message from Rabbit. Each animal has a short poem at the beginning of their write-up, “Scared little Rabbit...Please drop your fright! Running doesn’t stop the pain, Or turn the dark to light.”

  1. The story of Rabbit starts with a magical friendship with a witch named Eye Walker. She saved and healed Rabbit many times with her powers before Rabbit decided to be afraid of magic and reject Eye Walker’s friendship entirely. For this betrayal she curses him with the destiny to call in his own fears and have them materialize.

  2. Personal - “Now Rabbit is the Fear Caller. He goes out and shouts ‘Eagle, I am so afraid of you.’ If Eagle doesn’t hear him, Rabbit calls louder...Eagle, now hearing Rabbit, comes and eats him. Rabbit calls bobcats, wolves, coyotes and even snakes until they come.” If worry is a prayer for the “bad” thing to happen, how do we alchemize that fear and turn it into an energetic offering? Our authors suggest writing a list of our fears, breathing them through our bodies and releasing them as an offering to Mother Earth.

  3. Collective - Rabbit often experiences paralysis when overcome with his fears. We may feel frozen in motion right now as the multitude of calls to action worldwide pile up with increasing urgency. Rabbit always comes to tell us to re-evaluate our process. “Simply put, you cannot have your influence felt until you rearrange your way of seeing the present set of circumstances.” We cannot change the collective, we cannot drag anyone else. We can change the part of the collective which resides within our own bodies, minds and spirits.

In closing, as we discussed yesterday with the 5 of Wands, the idea of totally rearranging how we perceive conflict on a sensory level within our own bodies, today’s message is similar in being called to rearrange how we perceive fear on a sensory level within our own bodies. Can we hold these things in our consciousness while repeatedly disengaging from moralizing or defensive logic? Can we allow ourselves to physically be with sensations of tingling, warmth, increased heart rate, activation of certain chakras? I like to remind myself and others regularly that in the laws of physical chemistry and quantum mechanics (aka practical magic) energy is energy. The World and the Universe LOVE energetic offerings. When we release fear and worry out of the confines of the mind, we free the mind from its preoccupation of restraining and controlling the body’s reaction and thus we allow the energy to be FREE. It may feel big or uncomfortable in our bodies, but this is the ultimate opportunity to turn all that pent-up potential energy into kinetic and thermal energy to actually choose what you want to do with it.

I believe in you!

In magic and medicine, yours truly,


Day 11 - September 3 Beloved souls,

As we remain in the realm of animal messengers, today we receive guidance from the Tuatara lizard of New Zealand. I’ll quote heavily from Chip Richards’ “The Secret Language of Animals Oracle Cards Guidebook” because this message is wild!

  1. Dreaming, Sight, Knowledge, Hidden gifts. “Tuatara speaks to the ancient call of your spirit. Now is the time to awaken your dormant abilities and choose the path that honors the full expression of your unique gifts. The role you came here to play was decided long ago. A specific energy was greatly needed and you chose to bring it.”

  2. Personal - “Tuatara is the last surviving species of an ancient order of reptiles that lived along with dinosaurs 225 million years ago...and can live beyond 100. They change color, can drop their tail when under threat, and shed both their spine and skin as they grow...Tuatara is born with a third eye with its own lens, cornea and retina on top of its head, thought to give it heightened sensitivity to time of day and season...this third eye is eventually covered over with scales...” What are your survival mechanisms? What do you abandon and regrow without abandoning yourself? What does your third eye sense? How do you either sense through the scales or remove them?

  3. Collective - “They share the burrowed homes of seabirds (who fly during the day when Tuatara sleeps, and nest at night, while Tuatara hunts), recalling a distant age and realm when lizard and bird may have shared one dragon.” Who are these birds in your life? And who were you all when you lived prehistorically together as dragons?

I invite you to also open yourself to metaphors and questions beyond what I've included in my prompts today.

In magic and medicine, yours truly,


Day 12 - September 4

Good Morning Witches and Wizards,

As we round the completion of our first fort-nightly card cycle, our messages continue to feel eerily appropriate for the times. Today Gina Pace brings us her “Hermit” card. Because her guidebook is so specific to the storyline of “Our Witch” I will again quote heavily from her writing.

  1. “Our witch has experienced some confusing events of late. She wants to write a spell to help her through this period. In order to reflect on her spiritual path and her magic, she surrounds herself with useful books, plenty of paper and her magical tools. Facing her on the desk is a bust of a blindfolded woman.” What other specific symbols stand out to you in this tableau? What do they make you feel? Who does the blindfolded statue represent?

  2. Personal -”Writing one’s own spells can be challenging in the beginning, as our witch is discovering. She feels the need to study more if she wants to achieve maximum effectiveness. The room reflects her state of mind: everything is in disarray as she pours through books and jots down thoughts. However, she is certain the information she needs is in this room, just as she is sure the answers to the larger questions are within herself. She merely needs to take the time to seek them out.” What is the spell you are trying to cast? If you have been feeling confused or challenged and are craving something - be it a change, an escape or a gift - today is the day to be as specific as possible in pinpointing exactly what you want.

  3. Collective - “ Hermits are generally viewed as anti-social recluses, but the Hermit does not run from society out of fear. Instead, the Hermit recognize the necessity of seclusion in order to hear the voice of the God/dess within, You must seek out a quiet place, either literally or through meditation, in order to hear the voice within. This can be a trying time (or it can actually be a very exhilarating time). But as the feelings of confidence and empowerment unfold, you’ll know without a doubt that it is well worth the effort.” Though we just experienced some levels of imposed hermitage, which aspects of yourself crave deeper hermitage from society? Who is the studious witch inside you who knows she must seek a (or maintain this) new level of quietude and going inward will open up more avenues for supporting the collective?

Please respond if you’re seeking guidance in spellwork and where you are on that quest. I am designing a short (3-5 x 20 min video series) on more deeply understanding the quantum bridge between prayer and spellwork. More details to come as the nature of the course develops with the help of your questions, themes and suggestions.

Friday blessings!

In magic and medicine, yours truly,


Day 13 - September 5

Saturday Blessings to All!

Today we are working with one of my absolute favorite decks of all time, The Ostara Tarot! One of the reasons I am a proponent of absolutely purchasing cards for yourself is because sometimes, like in the case of this deck revealing itself to me, it is without question that it is a gift. From the Universe.. These cards sweetly and powerfully speak the language of animals, sprites and other Nature Spirits. I use this deck daily to communicate with my kindreds of that realm - the Gnomes! The card for our group today is the Queen of Wands!

  1. Exuberancy! Warmth! Vibrancy! Determination! This Queen rules and is ruled by the element of fire (as represented by the suit of Wands). She is masterful using that alchemizing force to sustain creative vision and she never shies away from a challenge. While feminine fire energy can be charismatic and influential, it can also be self-righteous and temperamental. In this balance there is a call to utilize our fire element so that it doesn’t use us - temper it with reason and diplomacy, and channel it for turning creative ideas into reality.

  2. It’s a great idea to become accustomed to scrying with any deeply illustrated deck, but I think it’s extra important to do so with the Court Cards and the Major Arcana in the Tarot because they generally represent specific people in your life or archetypes inside yourself. This means that spending a little time letting the the images that are applicable to your life jump out at you! For example today, I am particularly called to note the high-beam eyes of the lion. Thus, I will let the themes of penetrating vision and illumination (within the scope of fire element and feminine leadership) rest in gently in my active consciousness throughout the day. What stands out to you? What are the feelings and obvious metaphorical messages this image evokes? What happens when you overlay these symbols with the concepts of fire element and feminine leadership?

  3. Collective - All Court Cards, especially the King and Queen represent how we engage with those around us. How we choose to show up for others in presence and service or how we choose to center ourselves and demand attention. This is of particular importance with this card since fire is the most volatile of our elements in the cards. Since Court Cards also often indicate another person outside of ourselves (but since we also know that everyone in our life is a projection and reflection of ourselves) my prompt is simply to direct your attention to themes of: confidence, creativity, passion, manipulation, selfishness, narrow-minded patterns.

Enjoy this fiery Saturday challenge!

In magic and medicine, yours truly,


Day 14 - September 6

Morning Blessings to All,

Our first cycle through the cards rounds completion today! Let us celebrate with a dive into the “Hero’s Journey Dream Oracle” with dreamwork guru Kelly Sullivan Walden’s guidance.

  1. "YOU ARE INVITED - Suit up, show up, and open up." This is the first card in Stage Two of the Hero’s Journey, “Call to Adventure.” The emotive artwork of these cards combined with the theme of dreamwork calls for a different approach to scrying. Relax with this card, and let the adventure sweep you up. Let your eyes follow the lines and fall into the shapes and colors. Let your body experience this card by releasing actively conscious thoughts of keeping track of symbolism in lieu of just receiving the transmission of this message through the portals of your eyes.

  2. Personal - “You have been cordially invited to show up to