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Ace of Wands - “Run With the Sparklers”

After a four-day stretch of receiving Major Arcana guidance from our cards, the Ace of Wands reveals itself to us today. I see this as a practical down-shifting into our elemental energies after a bit of time up in the esoteric ether learning about some core philosophies related to our outer events of the moment. So before we dive in, let us receive our blessing from Lettie Jane Rennenkamp on the Ace of Wands, “Light a match and run with the sparklers, the time to start is now and your energy is abundant. Has something dampened your fire? Tend to practical matters to rekindle the flame.”

Ace of Wands - Elemental Fire

The Ace of Wand’s astrological correspondence is literally just Fire Element. Period. This is telling us to take stock of concepts around this element in our personal lives as well as the collective, to zoom out and look at our big fire picture.

As we inventory any element in our lives, it’s nice to have some key words to connect to in order to get into the deeper nooks and crannies of understanding any element. What ignited inside your body and activated inside your mind when I say these words:









Surge of Energy




















New business ventures




Big Fire Vibes

It may not seem like much is happening with Fire element in today’s sky, but I beg to differ and will argue my point below.

The Sun

Today’s transit of the Sun into Aquarius. Everyone’s favorite big ball of Fire is disengaging from Cardinal Earth Capricorn and heading into Fixed Air Aquarius this evening. This happens every year at this time, but it’s big time different this year since we finally leveled up in our Age of Aquarius journey with the Saturn and Jupiter Grand Conjunction of last month. So we are about to watch some crazy shit go down over the next month while the Sun is in Aquarius which will inform what the rest of this year and what the Age of Aquarius is going to look like in general.

Let’s think of it like this...Visualize “The Age of Aquarius” as a particular geographic area, like a meadow or valley that has been in either total or partial shadow for a long long time. Tonight the Sun will crest over the mountain tops and pour illuminating light into the valley. It could be blindingly bright at first (like maybe for just a minute or a day or maybe for this whole month) but then our eyes will adjust and we will be able to see clearly. With that vision and its corresponding energy, drive and desire for enlightenment, we will have the opportunity to vanquish darkness and promote physical and spiritual evolution.

The Moon

The Moon’s transit through Aries (starting in the wee hours yesterday and heading out into Taurus late tomorrow afternoon) is ushering us through the end of the first quarter of this Moon cycle. This means that between today and tomorrow we shift from having our Moon be more dark than light, to it being more light than dark as we begin the waxing phase of this cycle at the same time as our Moon is in Fire element’s Cardinal sign. The shift first quarter/half moon shift from wane to wax is always an excellent time to take action in both your physical reality as well as your magical life. With the power of Fire behind this transition, I see it as an even more potent opportunity to ride the wings of manifestation. So be bold in burning that which does not serve in the cleansing fiery fires and be bold in calling in your passions.

The Moon in Aries also gives us an opportunity to look at the places in our lives where we tend to be emotionally stubborn and selfish. Though this placement is also indicative of our capacity for courage, affection and emotional sensitivity, it is often adulterated by our inflammed demands for instant gratification and admiration.

This is also a moment when we are particularly apt to rail against authority. Combining this capacity with the aperture opening of the moon heading into a waxing phase can be really excellent for manifesting personal sovereignty and autonomy in terms of our emotional and spiritual journeys. It can also help larger causes get the necessary push and passion to achieve a big paradigm-shifting goal.

Since the Moon is all about our inward sense of self and our emotions, I urge you to take this moment to use the fiery torch of the Ace of Wands to illuminate the shadowy corners of your psyche in which you maybe have been previously lying to yourself about your true passions and the things that really ignite your soul.


While Chiron will be hanging out in Aries for like another 6 years, he and the Moon are currently the only residents in any Fire sign. Sagittarius and Leo are currently “empty” so I feel called to discuss Chiron in conjunction with the Moon in Aries right now. Technically they are not “conjunct” today, they were yesterday but are now about 10 degrees apart as the Moon moves towards Taurus, but they’re still under the same roof at the moment and deserve to be examined together.

Chiron definitely gets overly simplified as the wounded healer. While that is of course true, and Chiron always directs us towards examining how past life and current incarnation tendencies towards martyrdom can really f*ck us over, there is so much more to this planetoid.

Specifically I would like to discuss an old theory about Fire element in conjunction with the spiritual/esoteric role of comets. It was long thought that comets came flaming into our solar system for the purpose of gathering and burning off collectic psychic debris that had been generated by humans and other conscious intergalactic beings over the course of time.

Chiron however became trapped in our solar system and thus was unable to achieve his goal and duty of incinerating and transmuting all that psychic debris. There is also some discussion as to whether Chiron’s entrapment and “failure” has “broken” this general mechanism of clearing intergalactic and astral static. This theory leaves the onus on us individual humans to take radical responsibility in recognizing that the suffering of sentient beings on Earth is caused by our own ignorance and greed.

Our obsession with individualism has prevented us from joining together in stoking the great cosmic bonfire of unity. Our knee-jerk reaction is to refuse our part of the greater Whole and thus we reject our individual Whole selves. This creates the fragmentation of self that causes our lifelong Chiron-reated pain.

In closing, this leads me to suggest that we utilize this day of particular fire placements and Tarot guidance from the Ace of Wands to build a big Bonfire of Unity. We can do this inside our hearts or out in the backyard fire pit as a means to honor Chiron’s urginings for us to give up our commitment to separation and to instead use the power of Fire element to fuse our instinctual nature with our spiritual selves.

Let us incinerate the parts of our rigid conscious minds that prevent us from seeing the truth about ourselves, others, our communities, our country and humanity in general. Let’s do right by the Age of Aquarius and ride the wings of our astrological helpers today. You can do this!!!

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