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7 of Wands - Fight The Good Fight

This card allows our hearts and spirits to be exhilarated by fighting for what we know is right. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately in terms of how to approach the many challenges we face as humans who love all sentient beings and our planet. How do we shift from pushing against unmoving walls to fighting for the amplification of good. Wands embody natural strength and positiveness - this invigorating creative fire that can build new vision. The 7 of Wands does, however, also warn us to not become addicted to battle otherwise that fire can become a destructive force.

Astro-Glyph Sigil

Mars in Taurus Biseptlile the 3rd Decan Leo. Our symbols today are meant to invoke a solution to a problem that does not have earthly, logical resolution. Often the biseptile is considered the “blackhole” aspect of the astrological minor aspects - a space from which not even light can escape. For a bit of an oversimplified view - as a Taurus Sun native with a very few dear Leo Sun native friends, I can totally feel the realness of this blackhole situation. As two fixed signs, both of whom are prone to vanity and jealousy (thoughTaurus much more so than Leo) any friendships I have maintained with my Lions has had to sidestep this blackhole in order to survive.

Invocation Sigil - Unify Heart and Will

The 7 of Wands inhabits the magical space where the raw emotion of Leo’s heart-driven existence meets Mars’s determination and valor. Here we are able to rally our troops and ebody the leadership and courage necessary to face the opposition preventing all of humanity from rising to higher moral ground. This sigil invokes the unification of emotion, determination and vision for a better world.

Build Your Intuition With The Tarot

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