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5 of Pentacles - Wealth Is What You Have When All Your Money Is Gone

This is one of my favorite cards. Perhaps because I am a natal Mercurial Taurus, but also because I just love all the 5s. As I’ve mentioned before, I really enjoy the psyche work of shadow integration. I find it exhilarating to test the limits of what I believe, what I’m supposed to believe, how I feel, the patterns I manifest in my life and how I judge myself for them.

Every single 5 card challenges us to look at the situations in our lives in a fashion that is divergent from how the ego tells us to. The 5 of Cups tells us not to cry over spilled milk when we have a generous cow at our side. The 5 of Swords tells us to pick our battles - fighting for every single righteous cause will prove nothing but it will exhaust us. The 5 of Wands shows us the other side of battle and demands that we get honest with ourselves about our addiction to competition.

The 5 of Pentacles tells us that when in times of physical discomfort, distress and even destitution, that spiritual refuge is much closer at hand, far more accessible and far more transformational than we may realize. Thus my moniker for this card: “The Wealth-Is-What-You-Have-When-All-Your-Money-Is-Gone Card.” Think about it. Who would you be without your money? What would be your source of light in times of darkness?

Mercury in Taurus - Our Physical Forms Do Not Define Our Existence

This card and its home-base astrological placement is a huge challenge for Mercury. Though most people don’t have time for spiritual philosophy when survival hangs in the balance, Taurus exacerbates this with its addiction to physical security. Tangible goods make Taurus think that their survival is guaranteed, but this is purely conditional and ultimately a defunct philosophy on the quantum plane.

Mercury needs to come down from his swirling intellectual, communication-based swirling plane of Gemini and Virgo and learn some Fixed Earth lessons via the earthbound Taurus. A new means of transcendence must emerge.

Invocation Sigil - Transcendence Within Earthbound Lessons

Mercury in Aquarius Quintile Uranus in Taurus

We looked at specifically at Mercury in Aquarius in our post about the 6 of Swords and learned quite a bit about how this transit has the power to take us on a brief but life-altering journey that can completely change our perspective on the life-death-rebirth cycle and thus challenge our long-term visions in our own lives.

The quintile (72 degrees and represented by either the pentagram or pentagon glyph) points to talents and potential. This is particularly true of artistic talent. The quintile gives a greater emphasis on the purposeful manifestation of one's talents, or making something of them; be they artistic, scientific, or demonstrations of one's personal power.

Let’s push our current aspect of Mercury in Aquarius Quintile Uranus in Taurus through the “quintile calculator”: talent + ambition = creating something that can change the/your world.

The ability to change one’s life perspective with deeper awareness of the life-death-rebirth cycle + a revolutionary change in cosmic consciousness (Uranus) in a rooted and material manifestation = awakening our collective multi-sensory reality through art.

Astro-Glyph Sigil

Here we have a pentagram within a pentagon housing the symbols for Mercury, Aquarius, Uranus and Taurus. Staring into a sigil while meditating and focusing on your breath can help harmonize the components of the sigil as they manifest in your life.

Build Your Intuition With The Tarot

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