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Gina Mauro, The B!tchy Mystic

Gina is an artist and mystic here to walk beside you on your path. While she provides unconditional support, she also challenges you to deepen your introspection, reflection and integrity as you step more fully into your power.  Previously a birth and postpartun doula, Gina champions the alchemy of bearing witness to you on your transformational quest and has answered the call to provide you with comfort, empowerment and education. In order to be the best mystical magical steward possible, Gina engages Tarot reading and education, shares  spellcrafting wisdom and philosophy, and creates amplified customized visual art spells (sigils) for you. Gina is here to awaken, educate & empower the mystical thread that is woven within you!  Her mission is to assure you that you were born magick and to help you better wield the wand which is your very own self. Gina believes that visual imagery is the most powerful, universal tool for catalyzing and amplifying your innate power which is why she focuses on the Tarot, sigil magick and alchemical visalization. 

I’ve already helped hundreds of people feel activated & capable in their creative

magical sovereignty

Join Me... believing that your quest is worthy...

...that includes being worthy of receiving support and guidance... a free 15 minute discovery call to find out if an alchemical Tarot-astrology reading, a Tarot lesson, or a customized sigil (visual spell) could serve you on your path at this time...


Where do I begin? The universe has thrown me, like everyone else, trials and tribulations. What does one do? 

Before I would usually lay down and pull out my white flag and concede and ignore.

With working with Gina I've been able to identify and acknowledge things I was so afraid to confront before. We have worked through unimaginable heartbreak together, lots of curve balls, blessings and more. 

I'm less frightened of the future, I know there will still be hard times ahead, but now through this special human I have the tools to work through it. The shadows are less dark and the signs are more obvious. 


- Lindsay, Berkeley CA



Learn how to engage with the Tarot beyond divination.


We honor the Tarot as a living entity of ever-expanding archetypal wisdom who both directs and decodes life for us! 


Ancient embedded electric threads of secret encrypted wisdom exist between the realms of Tarot, astrology, symbology and spellcasting.


Invite a deep conversational relationship with the Tarot into your life - allow her to be both the arrow and the key.

Email Coven

Well yes, of course anyone can get this email, read it, follow the practice and come away with some solid Tarot wisdom and some extra confidence in their own intuitive abilities.

And yes, absolutely everyone would benefit from weekly updates, offers and giveaways on my art magick goods and services.


But this email is especially for the mystical soul who craves a whimsical but deep weekly practice and straight up fun resources for their inner art witch.

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