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A bit about me...

All of this work only works if we do it together. Building community and getting ourselves resourced to tackle such overwhelming complex issues means taking healing and education back - moving it from the professionals to the people.


This is where the email coven comes in.


Well yes, of course anyone can get this email, read it, follow the practice and come away with some solid Tarot wisdom and some extra confidence in their own intuitive abilities.

And yes, absolutely everyone would benefit from weekly updates, offers and giveaways on my art magick goods and services.


But this email is especially for the mystical soul, the deep thinker, the community builder, who craves a whimsical but deep weekly practice and straight up fun resources for their inner art witch.

File_000 (11).jpeg


Maria DiStefano

We work with this deck for many reasons, only one of which being the absolute beauty of the illustrations themselves. One of my favorite things about these cards is how completely divergent the art is from the standard Tarot imagery. However, DiStefano executes this in a way that is not trying to create new meanings, but rather to deepen the traditional meanings by way of challenging them.

The primary purpose of our weekly practice is to develop stronger psychic skills as well as  intimacy with the Tarot through scrying. Scrying is the practice of staring meditatively into an object or image (crystal balls, tea leaves etc) until entering a hypnotic or trancelike state in which the conscious mind lets go and the unconscious mind can access messages of deep truths for refletion, insight and divination.  


Ready to amplify your innate power?

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