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Where do I begin? The universe has thrown me, like everyone else, trials and tribulations. What does one do? 

Before I would usually lay down and pull out my white flag and concede and ignore.

With working with Gina I've been able to identify and acknowledge things I was so afraid to confront before. We have worked through unimaginable heartbreak together, lots of curve balls, blessings and more.

I'm less frightened of the future, I know there will still be hard times ahead, but now through this special human I have the tools to work through it. The shadows are less dark and the signs are more obvious.

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"The Power of Prayer" - refers to the spells we cast - independently, with our families, and collectively through our community - to protect, heal, and send our own positive healthy energy to those we love. 

I've worked with Gina several times for spellcasting and altar work. I reach out to her when I have a loved one receiving surgery, battling illness, enduring the pain of childbirth, and overcoming barriers to health and wellness.


Each time when I was focused on sending positive healing energy to a loved one, she provided guidance of materials and intention that represent the desired outcome.

She helped pull in all resources to set up an altar in my home, and identify other people with whom to include in the practice to strengthen the healing energy. 

Through her compassionate consultation, I was able to write the words of the spells, land the timing of saying my words out loud, and engage with the energy surrounding me to amplify the spell with clear direction and focus in the most positive way possible.


Well. Let me tell YOU. Gina's essence is carried through her work with a level of presence that emanates from the pages, the words, the emails she puts out into the world with what seems to be great ease.


I leave interactions with her questioning, "can it really be that simple?" and her answer would be a resounding "YES!". Her ability to translate the power of prayer, presence, meditation - whatever word suits your world view - into her work makes all of it just deeply nourishing.


Gina's easily accessible tarot guidance feels like a good friend is sharing some advice over tea and her coloring books can't help but soothe you into a sweet harmony for the day.


I generally have a sense of awe at the world but Gina & her art truly helps reignite that sparkle in the eye when I'm feeling stuck. I would highly recommend working with this magick woman - the value of her offerings is well beyond what you could imagine.



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The B!tchy Mystic’s newsletter became one of my guiding lights through the tumultuous autumn of 2020. Each card reading, although the deck was pulled hundreds of miles away from me down in the American South, pulled at a heart string or energetic chord I was trying (needing) to face that day. With each reading, ReGina’s seamlessly paired guided questions for me to both congratulate myself on my own accomplishments and work while also challenging me to sift through my shit. Hold myself accountable to my own standards. Go forward and cultivate the life you want for yourself, even if it hurts. Because, with her/their ability to tap into the energies around it, although I was pursuing “my” goals, I knew I was never alone. We are all in community with these readings, in the mystical and the magic!


Outside of the group emails, Gina answered each one of my questions, lamentations, and exuberant coincidences with kindness and attention. Gina guided me to build a shrine, which turned out to be such a joyous and gratifying experience. For someone who has always wanted to lean into the spiritual and been too intimidated, The B!tchy Mystic has been a wonderful guide. I am beyond thrilled to be on this journey with them, be reconnected through this work and have a better understanding for how I can see myself in the larger world. Thanks Gina!!


Ready to amplify your innate power?

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